About me

Hey guys,

Welcome to my page and thank you for being involved in my journey to healthy :)

So I'm Bex 28, I love nothing more than a good brew and a biccie (alas it's fruit now) whilst chit chatting away. I have 3 dogs who are my babies. I love make up, beauty and I'm trying to get better at styling my hair (ponytail or straight so far) oh and I'm addicted to shoes! I just think they're so beautiful. 

On my blog I'll be documenting my weight loss adventure (me and exercise have only just met *sigh*) from tips and tricks to general how my week has been. I hope you stay and interact and even give me advice on changing my lifestyle :)

However it's not all fitness and salads. I'll also be posting reviews on products I'm using and loving as I've found a lot of my current items from watching you tube or reading blogs. I love getting real feedback and opinions on make up and beauty items and I'd love to provide you with the same service.

Happy Reading peeps :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Hi Bex, nice to meet you and your blog!
    Really enjoyed reading it so far, such an motivational, down to earth and realistic blog, thank you for sharing :)
    I like the added touch of beauty too. I'm thinking about signing up to a beauty box but haven't got a clue which one to go for! I'm sure there are loads!
    Keep going as you are and you'll get there, one water bottle and one work out at a time xxx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. As a baby blog it means a lot that even one person enjoys reading my lil piece of the tinterweb :) other than my mum that is! Ha

      Try latestinbeauty.com Brill boxes and on sale right now. You get some nice products plus it's only a one off, not subscription.

      I can't wait to follow your blog now I've found you :)
      I hold my water aloft to you and cheer to a healthier, fitter 2015 x


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