Thursday, 3 August 2017

Goodbye...for now

Hey guys,

As you know I'm a pretty lazy blogger and the last few months have been hit'n'miss with posting. I'm having a really shitty time mentally at the moment so I'm taking a step back from blogging till I'm ready to return, if I even do. 

I originally started blogging to gain motivation with my diet (that's a fail at the moment as well due to a gain of 5 more pounds! Yay 🙄) share my love of beauty and make friends.

Unfortunately lately I feel like the only thing I'm gaining is a big bill at the end of the month with all my spending. I feel more lonely that ever and it sucks big time.

This is something I have to try and deal with and hopefully I can get back to my positive mind frame. If not at least I'm not dragging people down with my woe is me persona.  

Anyway just wanted to say bye for now...

Much Love,

Bex X

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