Monday, 1 May 2017

May's weigh in. Am I more than a number? 

Hey guys,

So mays weigh in was a bust. I've gained 2lb and lost my 5 stone lost badge! Woe is me *cue the worlds smallest violin* and to be honest it's really hit me hard. 

That sounds overly dramatic for a 2lb gain when it's me that ate too much but I've been having such a rubbish time lately that this was the crappy icing on top of a shitty cake and I just lost it. 

After holding back tears because no way were Boots customers ready for my ugly crying I decided not to give a damn. As I was in Bury I went to this pancake cafe I'd be eyeing for weeks.

delicious pancake from quick crepe bury

Quick Crepe Bury had a lovely feel and after browsing the rather extensive menu I decided to go sweet with a banana and Nutella crepe as I'm not quite ready to try a savoury pancake yet.

It was delicious! I used the time to reflect on what's happening with me and the fact that I'm ruled by numbers. 

Weightloss or gain in this case
Followers, subscribers and likes

All I think about nowadays is about what pounds I'm losing or spending (lol) why people unsubscribe from my channel (it's not a big deal but still why don't they love me?) and if people actually like me or if I'm über annoying! It's a never ending cycle of self doubt and I feel pathestic getting worked up so much over numbers! 

I know this is mostly hormones (curse you pmdd!) and being a greedy bitch but I seriously need an intervention! Self sabotage is not the answer to my problems!'s a new month, let's hope I can shed this extra 2lb at least. Lol 

Much Love,

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