Friday, 31 March 2017

Makeup Gallery by Poundland Liquid Liner

Hey guys

Since mastering the wing liner...sorta...well 9 times out of 10 it goes right on one eye so I'm sticking to my smug makeup applying superiority. Haha. Anyway I digress, since I've started loving a good old cat flick I've been testing out so many liners to find my holy grail product to create wings sharp enough to cut a bitch.

I've tried felt tip ones, good old liquid ones with the brush tip and those gel bad boys that still to this day take sooo many layers to build up (nothing at all to do with my mediocre application skills) and I've finally found one that's just fabulous and the best bit? It's only £1!

Yes that's right...£1!

The Makeup Gallery by poundland liquid liner is the shit. It's opaque, it has a small bush tip so I feel more in control when using it and it does not transfer!!!! At all! Which is fantastic!

I have a bit of a hooded lid situation so there is nothing worse than blending out eyeshadow till I bleed then 30 minutes later my upper eye is rocking a bold black liner curtesy of whatever sub par liner decided it didn't want to be WATERPROOF.

For those who don't feel comfortable using a brush liquid liner, I sometimes use a felt tip liner to create my wing shape then fill it out with the makeup gallery one to get the bold black colour and transfer proof pigment I love.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this liner. It's so affordable that it's not going to break the bank if you find you don't like it but if you end up loving it like me then happy days it's cheaper tha a bag of chips at the chippy nowadays! 

I love this liner so much I even made a video about it're welcome ;)

Have you tried this liner? What do you think? I've just got the grey and brown shades to try so hopefully they're just as good as the black.

Much Love,

Bex X

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