Sunday, 19 February 2017

The little things....

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it's nearly March already? Geez I sound old! Haha. I'm so excited for March 1st to hit because I'm hoping that weigh in will bring me to a total loss of 5 stone!!! So fingers and toes crossed!!

the difference losing weight makes

Anyway for those who've lost weight you'll know about those little moments where you really notice the changes. It can be something really simple but boy does it make you smile and feel proud of how well you're doing!

Today I thought I'd share my proud little moments so far on my weightloss journey.

  • at my biggest if I turned in the shower I'd scrape my bum across the doors. Now I can bop around like a crazy woman and don't even touch the doors!

  • my towel fits around me! Plus I have some extra so I'm like those actresses who have towel scenes with loads to spare ;)

  • I fit into shoes that I couldn't get my big toe in before! Bring on the heels!

  • I can see more of my eyes now. Before my fat kinda swallowed them up especially with my cheeks being so erm full. Haha

  • I'm using way less foundation!

  • on the same face theme I don't have to 'contour' as many chins as I used to do. Bex and her 5 chins are no more ;)

  • the cinema seats are way more comfortable!! No more squeezing my hips into those buggers! Now I can wiggle around like a toddler on a sugar high! 

  • I tried on some of my mums skinny jeans and they not only fit but were baggy in places! Move over Kendall...

  • I'm starting to see collarbones!! Woohoo!

  • The best thing is seeing the differences in my videos. I can not only see the physical changes but the confidence I have a gained is amazing.

I'm so excited to see what other changes I can see as I lose even more weight! For now I'm going to continue to booty shake in the shower without the fear I'll get wedged in! Lolz

Much Love,

Bex X 


  1. I'm so happy for you!! You are an inspiration to us all, I'm really happy for you that you've noticed little differences that have made you super happy as well :)

    Lauren :) x

  2. That is such an amazing transformation! Well done :)

  3. Well done lovely! You've done so well, you should be so proud x


  4. This is awesome to read! I remember the first things I noticed when I lost 60lbs was a change in my face (like you said, I could see my eyes more!), I could cross my legs once again, see my collarbones, and my confidence shot up.

    Well done you for working so hard to get the results you wanted! That alone shows your mental strength and level of determination!

    Karen xx

  5. This was really lovely to read :) you've done incredibly well and you're looking gorgeous! x

  6. You are doing absolutely amazing! Good luck with your next weigh in. And I love how fun this post is

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  7. I'm so happy for you, you are such an inspiring lady! And looking super gorgeous!

    Sharon x


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