Tuesday, 10 January 2017

So I've decided to vlog...

Hello beauties,

So as the title tells you I've decided to vlog weekly on my YouTube channel!

I did touch on this in my Goals for 2017 post but I thought I'd expand on it now I've uploaded my first one!!
Now I know what you're thinking 'Bex are you even entertaining?' haha. Well I don't know about that but I'm having a bloody good time giving this a go.

The main reason I want to do this is to show my weight loss and I thought it'd be cool to document the build up to the big 3 0!

After losing 4 stone (technically I'm 2lb off on paper but I know I've lost that by now!) I realised I've not really documented it properly and I haven't wrote much about it but lately I've been feeling inspired to share on here and on my channel.

My first vlog is up now and I've had such a nice response, even though I was ill through most of it which has really boosted my confidence a lot! It's definitely a learning curve with doing it in public and editing but I'm excited to see how the next 6 months go.

So I hope you stick with me as I lose the rest of this weight, jump on the exercise train and leave my twenties in style!

Much Love,

Bex X


  1. Yay to vlogging! You're gonna be awesome! I could never do it!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Can't wait to keep seeing your vlogs! Well done on the weight loss too lovely

    Stacey xxx unicornfairy.net


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