Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hello I'm Fat...

Hey guys,

I am on a path to enlightenment and fulfilment and blah blah!

Ok scratch that deep shit. Basically I'm 29 years old and I'm finally getting my shit together.

I'm in the zone with my diet (4 stone down woohoo) I'm socisling more (I'm kinda insular and lazy. Lol) and I'm (sort of) letting go of the insecure chick who felt she has to apologise for every little thing. Ps I don't need to say sorry for x, y and z!

Look at my hair! I am a genius ;)

I'm happily single (shocking that I don't need validation off a man) and whilst I'd love my own home complete with a massive beauty room, I'm content to live with the parentals till I'm old and saggy. Well older and way more saggy, ha again with the lolz!

That being said (I'm losing track of my own point here) I wanted to hit on talking online. Now I'm not on about chatting on twitter about your latest drama or blog post. I mean chatting to a guy or girl who messages you that's not blog related.

I've recently had a few guys dm me to say hey who are not in the blogging community so it's not asking how I take my amazing photographs (that was sarcasm by the way) but to have a chat, maybe with the intentions of being romantic but who knows? Last time I dated I had blond hair and was crying about being in my twenties so it's been a while! 

I have no problem talking to people at all. My problem? frustration? pissed off anger induced rage at the world? is that due to being so bloody good at selfies (LOLZ) and getting the angle just right to hide the double chin/s and hamster cheeks I have to make a point of saying I'M FAT! 

Old photo! I don't look like this now but it gets my point across.

Why you ask? Because I get all the pretty compliments of being cute and beautiful and you're so sweet and lovely after seeing my (admittedly) fabulous profile picture but once I drop the chunky bombshell I never hear from them again! 

Is it sad that I have to get the fat shit out of the way so I can see if the dude really wants to 'get to know me' or if he just thinks I rock a red lip better than Marilyn Monroe? I know we can't help who/what we find attractive but it's just so obvious once I say I'm bigger than a size 10 that it's a 'deal breaker' in their heads.

I'm trying not to be cynical about guys and dating but when you know as soon as the 'you're beautiful' shit comes out of their mouths you'll have to burst their little romantic bubble it's really hard not to get dejected about this stuff.

This is why I don't lose sleep over being single as 9 times out of 10 my personality is way down the scale when it comes to my roly poly bits. Ah the fickleness of the male species is truely a wonder to behold 😉

Anyway I'm off to practice my pout. Pretty sure if I contour more I can look like a supermodel with cut cheekbones! Got to fool those boys somehow ;)

Much Love,

Bex X 

Ps: I've not said this to fish for compliments or worry over finding love etc etc but to show the fickleness of beauty.

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  1. LOVE THIS! You know what, fuck them! If they date only a particular dress size, there is something deadly off within their heads. Im confident that one day you'll find someone special xx


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