Thursday, 5 January 2017

Goals for 2017!

Hey guys,

Happy New Year!!!!!

goals for 2017

Slightly late with this post so I'm off to a fabulous start. Lolz. I'm so ready to smash this year! I've actually set myself some personal goals which I rarely do as I lack confidence in myself and fear failure and rejection but this year I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and giving it a good old shake!

So what goals have I set?!

First up I'm back on the healthy train with a vengeance! The Christmas treats were all yummy but now I'm ready to shift the rest of my weight and hit a size I'm happy with. 
I'm going to test out recipes and will try to include posts or videos when I can. I'm also definitely upping my water intake! I've been so bad on that front and now my skin hates me! 

Next up is exercise! I'm giving this a big push this year! More walking the fur babies (my 3 dogs) and less driving if I can walk easily enough and I will be joining a gym once I feel comfortable doing so.

inspirational quotes

I'm also happy if somewhat nervous to say I'm giving vlogging a go. I'm thinking weekly vlogs as I'm kinda boring so we can see how that goes. Lol.
I'm also really excited to see how my channel grows this year with subscribers and views. I have some series ideas and I want to upload more each week so I'm hopeful people will enjoy my content.

motivational quotes

The main thing I want to embrace this year is a positive outlook! I noticed I felt so much better once I let go of the negative Nancy who mentally drags me down.
It's harder on PMDD week but I'm aware of that and consciously make an effort to think better. 

What are your goals this year? It's my 30th in June and I really want to see a difference! Who's with me? 

Much Love,

Bex X 


  1. Fantastic set of goals for the new year. I'm looking forward to watching your vlogs and any new series you've got planned, I'm sure you will do extremely well with your channew as you already produce amazing content. And everyone's allowed a treat at Christmas, don't be too hard on yourself!
    Sharon xx

  2. Milestone birthdays are always good for goal motivation I think - I wish you luck!

    Tori / Tori's World

  3. I had an idea for a series you could do either here or on your channel!! BRAND: MY PICKS or brand overview videos, since you have such a wide variety!

  4. Sweetie, I believe it you wholeheartedly!!! I just know that 2017 will be an amazing year & you will achieve all of your goals!! I really want to get back into shape this year too. I let myself go a good bit and it's one major thing which is keeping me away from being in the photos and not posting fashion looks as much as I'd love to. So yeah, I am getting on that healthy train with you!!! <3
    xox Nadia

  5. Fab goals - I know you will succeed! I am wanting to exercise more this year and I love to swim so I'm going to focus on that :) ooooh vlogging - that's really exciting :)

  6. Bex, I love your goals! I think you'll be amazing at vlogging. I love watching vlogs and keep telling myself that one day I will venture into the world of Youtube. I want to get serious about fitness again this year too, your journey definitely keeps me inspired too :). You're a fab lady and I believe that you'll smash these goals easily this year
    Tasmin |


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