Thursday, 3 August 2017

Goodbye...for now

Hey guys,

As you know I'm a pretty lazy blogger and the last few months have been hit'n'miss with posting. I'm having a really shitty time mentally at the moment so I'm taking a step back from blogging till I'm ready to return, if I even do. 

I originally started blogging to gain motivation with my diet (that's a fail at the moment as well due to a gain of 5 more pounds! Yay 🙄) share my love of beauty and make friends.

Unfortunately lately I feel like the only thing I'm gaining is a big bill at the end of the month with all my spending. I feel more lonely that ever and it sucks big time.

This is something I have to try and deal with and hopefully I can get back to my positive mind frame. If not at least I'm not dragging people down with my woe is me persona.  

Anyway just wanted to say bye for now...

Much Love,

Bex X

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Beauty Book App

Hey lovelies,

Last week I attended the launch party for the new must have app Beauty Book. This nifty app is basically an a-z for all your beauty needs and you can compare beauty salons to find the best for you.

photo action at the launch of the beauty book app

Want your nails doing? No problem. Just choose what you want plus the location and the app will come up with all those registered in that area. You can then check them out including customer reviews. I think it's a fabulous idea and so handy to have on the ole smart phone. Who doesn't have their phone on them 24/7? 

postbox for the beauty book launch

This is perfect for those times you go away and need a quick blow dry but you're not familiar with the area! Just pop on the app and you can find a hair stylist in seconds! 
From nails to hair, tanning to teeth. You can find what you're looking for on the Beauty Book app. It's free to download from the AppStore and it's simple to use. 

I had festival glitter done at the beauty book launch party

Also the launch party was brilliant. Hosted at Neighbourhood restaurant and they had a variety of beauty treatments to try from a back massage to nails. I got some pretty glitter action from wish upon a sparkle and my friend had her hair styled by the awesome Meg who is based at the Ethan Hull Salon in Blackpool. 

Have you tried this app? What do you think?

Much Love,

Bex X
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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

July's weigh in & getting back on track

Hello peeps,

So after a very food rich birthday and a struggle to get back on track in June I'm happy to say that I only gained 3lb! You're probably wondering why I'm happy about that, the truth is I was worried I'd put on way more! So only 3lb is a win for me. 

I'll be honest it's been a struggle lately. I've lost my motivation and all those old insecurities have come back with a vengeance! It doesn't help that I'm eating way more junk & sugary foods which hinder my mood.

12 months weightloss difference

Anyway July marks a year since I started my diet and overall I've lost 4st 4lb (gained 10lb so I've lost the 5st milestone) and after wasting the last 3 months yo yo'ing, I'm pretty happy with that. It took me years to gain my weight so I don't expect it to go in months.

In that time I've had many changes, I've dropped 4 dress sizes, put myself on the tube more (cheeky channel plug) attended blogger events (socialising can be scary for an introvert!) and I've joined a bootcamp! Oh and I turned 30! 

face pictures of weightloss

I really want this next 12 months to show some more positive changes. Yes life isn't all rainbows and unicorns but on the whole who doesn't want to sparkle? 

Stick around with me guys, as you can tell I'm human, I make mistakes but 2017 isn't over yet! Let's do this! 

Much Love,

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Turning 30...

Hello guys,

Well it's official! I am now a thirty year old!!! *cue the violin* lol

picture of bex from bubblybex3

I had the most amazing birthday! I was truely spoilt and I can't wait to film my birthday video and show off my pretties!

The day before my birthday I had an epic shopping trip in the Trafford Centre and spent far too much on the Urban Decay counter! I'm a sucker for pretty packaging if seems. Ha

Then after a delicious five guys (omg what took me so long?!) seriously the banana and peanut butter milkshake is to die for! We went to the Marriott to stay over and it was brilliant.

I love staying at the Marriott in Worsley, such a lovely atmosphere and as it's a country club it's very relaxed and quaint. Plus the twin rooms have double beds not single like most hotels so that's an extra bonus!

Waking up on my birthday I was surprised with a sylvanian family cottage and after wanting one since I was 7 you can bet your arse I was excited! My parents are amazing!!

After a delicious buffet breakfast and a chill in the room (yay to late checkout) we ventured home where I had a few more goodies to open. It was then time to get ready for my birthday meal!

This is where my parents surprised me with a Micheal Kors watch!!!!! OMG!!! I screamed when I saw it. I love this so much! It's so stunning and I love that it's a mix of girly and quirky which is me ;)

the most amazing watch ever!!

I could write all day about everything I got up to, all the gifts I got and the emotions I felt but I'll leave it here before you fall asleep. Lol. I want to thank everyone for their birthday messages and a big thank you to my wonderful parents! You guys rock!

Much Love,

Bex X

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

June's weigh in: turning 30, purple hair and weight gain!

Hello beautiful people!!

Well today is the beginning of June and this is my birthday month!!!! In only 6 sleeps ill be turning 30 and entering a whole new age bracket *get ready for the anti wrinkle cream reviews*

bex from bubblybex3

I got weighed today as its the first and after a month of eating crap I wasn't surprised to see I'd gained 5lb. I'm actually pretty chuffed with that as I though it'd be more so yay to small positives. After my breakdown last month (hormones played a major part in my mood) I feel ok, I was expecting this gain and to be honest I've enjoyed having a break.

Dieting is hard and since the start of the year I've struggled to find my zone again. I'm constantly second guessing myself, thinking of all the foods I can eat and why I'm not like those other people who make exercise look easy. This is obviously not a good way to think or feel so having May off was needed so I can get it out of my system and find myself again as cliché as that sounds.

So what's in store for me and bubblybex3. Well I have a lot planned for my birthday, lots of shopping, eating and family time so I'm not thinking of anything diet or exercise until Saturday 10th June. I'll be restarting bootcamp (on a holiday as I can't make classes with my birthday plans) and I'll be back on the ole healthy eating train. Plus water baby, got to get that water in especially as its been so hot!

After all my numerous festivities and I'm back in the zone I'm hoping to get back into my blog again. I have a shit load of makeup to talk about and other stuff I'd like to include if I could only pull my finger out long enough to write something! lol

I'm also going to get back into filming videos. I've not had the time or the enthusiasm lately to film makeup videos but I can feel it coming back to me and I'm excited to see what the rest of 2017 brings. I've still been doing my weekly vlogs (playlist here) but I'd really like to play with makeup again.

bex from bubblybex3 rocking purple hair

Finally as an added yay. I dyed my hair purple. After the awful tragedy that hit Manchester in May I realised life is too short so I went for it. Not a big deal to most but it is for me and I bloody love the colour!

Hope you stick around with me, life isn't pretty all the time but its one hell of a ride...

Much Love,

Bex X

Monday, 1 May 2017

May's weigh in. Am I more than a number? 

Hey guys,

So mays weigh in was a bust. I've gained 2lb and lost my 5 stone lost badge! Woe is me *cue the worlds smallest violin* and to be honest it's really hit me hard. 

That sounds overly dramatic for a 2lb gain when it's me that ate too much but I've been having such a rubbish time lately that this was the crappy icing on top of a shitty cake and I just lost it. 

After holding back tears because no way were Boots customers ready for my ugly crying I decided not to give a damn. As I was in Bury I went to this pancake cafe I'd be eyeing for weeks.

delicious pancake from quick crepe bury

Quick Crepe Bury had a lovely feel and after browsing the rather extensive menu I decided to go sweet with a banana and Nutella crepe as I'm not quite ready to try a savoury pancake yet.

It was delicious! I used the time to reflect on what's happening with me and the fact that I'm ruled by numbers. 

Weightloss or gain in this case
Followers, subscribers and likes

All I think about nowadays is about what pounds I'm losing or spending (lol) why people unsubscribe from my channel (it's not a big deal but still why don't they love me?) and if people actually like me or if I'm über annoying! It's a never ending cycle of self doubt and I feel pathestic getting worked up so much over numbers! 

I know this is mostly hormones (curse you pmdd!) and being a greedy bitch but I seriously need an intervention! Self sabotage is not the answer to my problems!'s a new month, let's hope I can shed this extra 2lb at least. Lol 

Much Love,

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

I've started bootcamp!

Hey guys,

So after meeting up with an old friend a few weeks ago and chatting about my weight loss and how I need to up my exercise game, I was promptly dragged to her bootcamp to check out the vibe. My friend works fast! Lol

Anyway the bootcamp Durable Fitness is based in Radcliffe and Daniel who owns it is really nice and I immediately felt at ease. I'm one of those fat chicks who gets nervous about fitness venues as I'm scared everyone will judge me! 


Yes this is a silly fear but it is what it is and I'm pleased to say my overactive imagination was very wrong. I got such a positive feeling from this bootcamp and Daniel offered me a free taster session that Saturday! It was on people!

hoodie with my name on

Saturday rolled around and I woke up nervous but excited to go to my first HIIT class in years. I was suitably dressed in fitness gear, colourful trainers and my ever present water bottle so off I popped to work out muscles that didn't even know they were muscles. Lol

The Saturday class was core focused so think lots of planks! The warm up was a lot of fun and the class was a mixture of ages and fitness levels. I didn't feel out of the loop as I ran around puffing and panting like a pug on a walk. 

After warm up we were split into two groups, one side focusing on cardio (stuff that gets the heart pumping baby) the other on resistance (think planks, back raises etc) and after 2 rounds of each move we switched over.

Omg guys! I AM SO UNFIT!!! Not going to lie the workout killed me! I was out of breath, I was red in the face and my legs turned to jelly but I bloody loved it! So much I signed up straight away! No more excuses, no waiting till after my birthday in June, it starts now people!

So I'll be going 3 days a week and I'm excited to see what the next few months will bring. If you've watched any of my vlogs (cheeky link to my playlist) you'll know I've had a few crappy weeks mentally and my food hasn't been that great so this has given me the push to get back in the zone. 

Sometimes it's not about quitting when things get tough, it's about changing the direction you're heading in and making it work for you! 

I'll still be doing monthly weigh ins and I must remember to do my inches! I'll also take some pictures so I can compare progress over the next few months!

I'm excited guys! Hope you stick with me...

Much Love,

Bex X

Ps: I totally had to buy a hoodie with my name one! Lol

Friday, 7 April 2017

April's weigh in and feeling proud!

Hello beautiful people,

March was a funny old month. I was feeling very woe is me and I was really struggling to find my purpose I suppose. My positivity and get up and go has taken a bit of a vacation lately

Then it came to weigh day and I lost 5lb which is just over a pound a week so yay to that but the best bit is I finally hit the 5 stone lost mark!!


face picture showing a 5 stone loss

This is such a big achievement and it's finally hit me how much I've accomplished! Losing 70lb's is a lot of lard and whilst the majority of this journey is a blur (I have the memory of a fish) I'm so happy with my progress both physically and mentally.

I still have a long way to go to feel comfortable in my own skin, I need to crack on with the exercise and start guzzling more water as I've been lacking in that department.

full body showing a 5 stone loss

This result was the kick up the arse I needed to snap out of my down mood and get thinking positive again. It's not the answer to my problems but the way I deal with things needs to change. I can't let bad times ruin my mood so much I want to eat to feel happy again.

I'm ready to embrace these changes and find the woman I was always meant to be...

Much Love,

Bex X
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Friday, 31 March 2017

Makeup Gallery by Poundland Liquid Liner

Hey guys

Since mastering the wing liner...sorta...well 9 times out of 10 it goes right on one eye so I'm sticking to my smug makeup applying superiority. Haha. Anyway I digress, since I've started loving a good old cat flick I've been testing out so many liners to find my holy grail product to create wings sharp enough to cut a bitch.

I've tried felt tip ones, good old liquid ones with the brush tip and those gel bad boys that still to this day take sooo many layers to build up (nothing at all to do with my mediocre application skills) and I've finally found one that's just fabulous and the best bit? It's only £1!

Yes that's right...£1!

The Makeup Gallery by poundland liquid liner is the shit. It's opaque, it has a small bush tip so I feel more in control when using it and it does not transfer!!!! At all! Which is fantastic!

I have a bit of a hooded lid situation so there is nothing worse than blending out eyeshadow till I bleed then 30 minutes later my upper eye is rocking a bold black liner curtesy of whatever sub par liner decided it didn't want to be WATERPROOF.

For those who don't feel comfortable using a brush liquid liner, I sometimes use a felt tip liner to create my wing shape then fill it out with the makeup gallery one to get the bold black colour and transfer proof pigment I love.

Overall I'd definitely recommend this liner. It's so affordable that it's not going to break the bank if you find you don't like it but if you end up loving it like me then happy days it's cheaper tha a bag of chips at the chippy nowadays! 

I love this liner so much I even made a video about it're welcome ;)

Have you tried this liner? What do you think? I've just got the grey and brown shades to try so hopefully they're just as good as the black.

Much Love,

Bex X

Sunday, 12 March 2017

March weigh in & feeling fat...

Hey guys,

Weightloss is a funny thing. For those who don't need or want to lose weight you'll never know the mental struggle you have trying to lose weight. Sure we can logically say 'eat less, move more' but that's like saying to a toddler having a tantrum to 'just stop' ever tried that? Yeah doesn't work that well.

positive quote

February was a shit month I'm not going to lie. My PMDD was sheer torture to the point I deactivated twitter and Facebook because I'm a shit excuse for a human being and who likes me anyway? 
Then to top is off the 1st of March saw my stats (blog & YouTube) look uber pathetic as I'm decreasing instead of growing (good for losing weight, crap for growing bubblybex3 lolz) which isn't the be all and end all but feeling like a raging hormonal bitch ready to go all Kung fu panda it kinda sucked. This isn't a cry for compliments by the way.
The icing on top of the shit cake was the fact I only lost 3lb in February!

Hold on!!!! Only? I only lost 3lb! ONLY!! 

Let's take a step back! I lost 3lb. That's 6 cups of sugar that's been removed from my body and I'm sad about that? 

I'll be honest, I wanted to lose 8lb so I'd finally hit an overall loss of 5 stone yet I should still see the success in losing 3lb. I think my disappointment stems from feeling hormonal and the fear that I'm losing my 'mojo' with my diet. I'm scared that as I'm feeling hungrier I'm suddenly going to go back to eating loads and gain it all back with interest.
I'm not but I needed this shake up to retweak my approach, get moving again (I'm so lazy) and acknowledge the fact I'm human. I'll have some bumps in the road but I shouldn't let this define how I deal with it! 

March has been kinda slow in making positive changes but I feel like the fog has lifted to quote tangled and at last I see the light after living in darkness the last few weeks. Erm not trying to be poetic here, I really feel like I've been living in a dark bubble lately but I'm ready to smile again.

smiling selfie

Here's to a more upbeat month...

Much Love,

Bex X 

Ps: feeling soooo much better now my hormones have chilled out and I'm ready to kick arse this month (I hope) haha 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Coloured Raine single shadow: Superstar

Hey guys,

I wasn't going to write this post as it's only about one shadow but seriously this colour needs to be shared far and wide! I'm talking about the Coloured Raine single pan shadow in Superstar. This is a stunning yellow gold in a foil/metallic finish.

selfie with coloured raine superstar single shadow in action

First up the pigment on this shade is impressive! It's bright, it's vibrant and lasted really well. I have hooded lids and it didn't fade even in my wrinkle line thing I have going on on my lid. Phew what a mouthful ;)

swatch of the foiled shadow superstar by coloured raine

For this particular shade and finish I had no fall out or kick up in the pan. Foils tend to be soft so it's not often you'll get these issues anyway but I thought I'd mention it. I bought mine from Beautybay for £6.75 in the sale but the shadows are normally £9 which is honestly a good price for such a quality product.

I created this smoky eye using this shade and I love it so much! I definitely recommend these shadows and if you can get this shade I say DO IT!!!

smoky eye using the coloured raine shadow in superstar

What do you think? Have you tried Coloured Raine shadows?

Much Love,

Bex X 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The little things....

Hello everyone,

Can you believe it's nearly March already? Geez I sound old! Haha. I'm so excited for March 1st to hit because I'm hoping that weigh in will bring me to a total loss of 5 stone!!! So fingers and toes crossed!!

the difference losing weight makes

Anyway for those who've lost weight you'll know about those little moments where you really notice the changes. It can be something really simple but boy does it make you smile and feel proud of how well you're doing!

Today I thought I'd share my proud little moments so far on my weightloss journey.

  • at my biggest if I turned in the shower I'd scrape my bum across the doors. Now I can bop around like a crazy woman and don't even touch the doors!

  • my towel fits around me! Plus I have some extra so I'm like those actresses who have towel scenes with loads to spare ;)

  • I fit into shoes that I couldn't get my big toe in before! Bring on the heels!

  • I can see more of my eyes now. Before my fat kinda swallowed them up especially with my cheeks being so erm full. Haha

  • I'm using way less foundation!

  • on the same face theme I don't have to 'contour' as many chins as I used to do. Bex and her 5 chins are no more ;)

  • the cinema seats are way more comfortable!! No more squeezing my hips into those buggers! Now I can wiggle around like a toddler on a sugar high! 

  • I tried on some of my mums skinny jeans and they not only fit but were baggy in places! Move over Kendall...

  • I'm starting to see collarbones!! Woohoo!

  • The best thing is seeing the differences in my videos. I can not only see the physical changes but the confidence I have a gained is amazing.

I'm so excited to see what other changes I can see as I lose even more weight! For now I'm going to continue to booty shake in the shower without the fear I'll get wedged in! Lolz

Much Love,

Bex X 

Friday, 10 February 2017

February weigh in...

Hey guys,

Sooo as per my goals for 2017 I'm on the ball with this update...lolz

Ha my lack of organisation aside I thought I'd check in with Feb 1st's weigh in and all that jazz. So drum roll please...I lost 8lb! Woohoo!!!

January was a bit of a meh month. Between feeling a bit shitty and eating way more snacks than I needed to I was praying I'd lose something so to see an 8lb loss really cheered me up.
This brings my total loss to 62lb or 4 stone 6lb! Whilst this isn't the fastest diet I've ever done, I'm beyond happy with how it's going. I'm happy (most of the time), not hungry and I'm losing weight slowly but surely.
You can see the difference in the picture below. Same hair style, same dress and even the same lipstick...major weight change ;)

The exercise is still a work in progress. Although if mentally thinking about exercising counts then I'm practically an Olympic athlete! Haha 

My blog has turned a bit stagnant I'm not going to lie. I just feel like I don't have much to say anymore and who wants to read the wafflings of an insecure fat chick who's approaching her 30's! 

That being said I'm giving myself 'another' kick up the arse because who cares if no one reads! I'm doing this shit for me. I just get so overwhelmed with numbers and stats and other people doing fabulously that I let my own negative thinking ruin the enjoyment of just posting on my blog! So silly...

On a more positive vibe, uploading on YouTube is going well. I've set myself a schedule, every Monday I'll post my weekly vlog (I'm on week 6! Woohoo) and Wednesdays will be a makeup look and Saturdays will be a review type video. I think that's a nice mix and I'm really enjoying my channel at the moment. 

Anyway I've babbled enough. Here's to a happier February and a more centred Bex ;)

Much Love,

Bex X 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Thank You to Spectrum Brushes...

Hey guys,

For those who watch my videos or follow me on twitter you'll know I have a major love for Spectrum Brushes. I love everything about this brand and the products I've tried.

a massive collection of spectrum brushes in all there colourful glory

Not only are they the prettiest brushes you'll ever use but they actually work! It's not just a lovely looking piece of fluff on a stick but a functional tool to create many beautiful looks.

My all time favourites are the fluffy eye blender brushes. I use them all the time and in every tutorial I film. I'm obsessed!

Upclose view of some of the spectrum brushes bombshell brushes

Now you're probably wondering why I'm waxing lyrical about this admittedly amazing brand and not explaining why I'm thanking them. Well let me ease that confusion and explain.

upclose view of the bombshell set

A few months back spectrum actually contacted me on twitter and said they'd love to send me some brushes to thank me for all my support. This honestly surprised me. I was beyond happy and totes said yes and they sent me the original face contour set which ties in with my others in that range.
To receive one brush would have been amazing but to get a set of four was beyond generous!

selection of spectrum brushes original set

I didn't want to write this post to be all 'ooh look at me getting free shit' but to show how nice it is for a brand to recognise their customers. That's it, I'm just a customer who likes a brand and they've acknowledged that love.

On a business standpoint I do not have the numbers or readership to warrant being gifted stuff in a blogger/brand working capacity so this has nothing to do with exposure. It's simply a lovely gesture.

some of the white marbleous brushes

So I'd like to say thank you to Spectrum Brushes. You make fabulous brushes, you made my day when you messaged me on twitter and I can not wait to see what else your brand brings this year. 

Want to try these bad boys out yourself? Check out them out here and go crazy!

Much Love,

Bex x 

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hello I'm Fat...

Hey guys,

I am on a path to enlightenment and fulfilment and blah blah!

Ok scratch that deep shit. Basically I'm 29 years old and I'm finally getting my shit together.

I'm in the zone with my diet (4 stone down woohoo) I'm socisling more (I'm kinda insular and lazy. Lol) and I'm (sort of) letting go of the insecure chick who felt she has to apologise for every little thing. Ps I don't need to say sorry for x, y and z!

Look at my hair! I am a genius ;)

I'm happily single (shocking that I don't need validation off a man) and whilst I'd love my own home complete with a massive beauty room, I'm content to live with the parentals till I'm old and saggy. Well older and way more saggy, ha again with the lolz!

That being said (I'm losing track of my own point here) I wanted to hit on talking online. Now I'm not on about chatting on twitter about your latest drama or blog post. I mean chatting to a guy or girl who messages you that's not blog related.

I've recently had a few guys dm me to say hey who are not in the blogging community so it's not asking how I take my amazing photographs (that was sarcasm by the way) but to have a chat, maybe with the intentions of being romantic but who knows? Last time I dated I had blond hair and was crying about being in my twenties so it's been a while! 

I have no problem talking to people at all. My problem? frustration? pissed off anger induced rage at the world? is that due to being so bloody good at selfies (LOLZ) and getting the angle just right to hide the double chin/s and hamster cheeks I have to make a point of saying I'M FAT! 

Old photo! I don't look like this now but it gets my point across.

Why you ask? Because I get all the pretty compliments of being cute and beautiful and you're so sweet and lovely after seeing my (admittedly) fabulous profile picture but once I drop the chunky bombshell I never hear from them again! 

Is it sad that I have to get the fat shit out of the way so I can see if the dude really wants to 'get to know me' or if he just thinks I rock a red lip better than Marilyn Monroe? I know we can't help who/what we find attractive but it's just so obvious once I say I'm bigger than a size 10 that it's a 'deal breaker' in their heads.

I'm trying not to be cynical about guys and dating but when you know as soon as the 'you're beautiful' shit comes out of their mouths you'll have to burst their little romantic bubble it's really hard not to get dejected about this stuff.

This is why I don't lose sleep over being single as 9 times out of 10 my personality is way down the scale when it comes to my roly poly bits. Ah the fickleness of the male species is truely a wonder to behold 😉

Anyway I'm off to practice my pout. Pretty sure if I contour more I can look like a supermodel with cut cheekbones! Got to fool those boys somehow ;)

Much Love,

Bex X 

Ps: I've not said this to fish for compliments or worry over finding love etc etc but to show the fickleness of beauty.