Monday, 5 December 2016

L'Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Mist

Hey guys,

As I'm nearing the dreaded 3 0 I'm starting to think more about my skincare routine and anti-aging.

I don't have many but I've noticed a few fine lines and I have some frown lines between my brows that annoy the hell out of me! I really need to stop being a grumpy cow ;)

a spray with gold particles to reduce the signs of aging

Lately I've been putting the *L'Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Mist to the test. This spray has no hidden nasties, just purified water with pure gold, no I didn't stutter, that's pure gold! With added zinc to aid oil control and platinum to firm and regenerate, this is perfect for those who prefer gentle products. 

Since watching big beauty gurus talking about gold primers I though this was a fab product to incorporate into my routine.

This little bottle of goodness is very refreshing on the face. No noticeable scent which I love as I'm quite sensitive to smells. It leaves my face feeling fresh and prepped.

flat lay of the face and body spray

Makeup goes on just as smoothly and doesn't stick in places which I was worried about initially. In fact this spray actually seems to improve my makeup application.

I haven't noticed any changes with anti-aging but like I said I only have the odd fine line near my eyes so really at this stage it's more about preventing wrinkles than fixing what I already have and skincare needs time to show improvements so I'm hopeful that with continued use I'll start to look 18 again ;)

                               selfie after using the l'or pharaons face mist

This spray is small enough to fit nicely in your makeup bag and is so easy to use its like childs play! We all want young looking skin so adding this to your routine is a simple step for what could be a big difference to your skin.

You can find the L'Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Mist here

Have you tried this spray? What do you think?

Much Love,

Bex X

*this post contains a gifted item. As always everything stated is my own honest opinion. 

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