Thursday, 6 October 2016

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

Hey beauts,

I'm so excited to talk about this palette! I know it's been out for ages and everyone and his dog raves about it but I only got it for my birthday and it took me ages to start using it, so sue me I'm late again! Haha.

flat lay of the zoeva cocoa blend palette with spectrum brushes

It's a warm toned palette with 10 pigmented shades in a few different finishes. Matte, satin, glitter, and metallic shades offer up many different possibilities to create some makeup magic! 

                                close up of the shadows in the zoeva cocoa blend palette

This palette blends like a dream! You can build up the pigmentation and adding layers doesn't give you a choppy finish so it all looks seamless no matter how much you add. 

Below are some brush swatches using a flat shadow brush that I cleaned after each use. I swiped my brush three times.
I decided to channel my inner Stephanie Nicole (check out her YouTube channel here) as a finger swipe will show more pigmentation thus not giving a clear reflection of how they will play on the eyes.

brush swatches of the zoeva cocoa blend palette
The top row in the first picture is L-R in the palette but the bottom row in the second picture is R -L (I had a senior moment when I used my opposite arm. Lol) 

The first two shades look none existent but fear not my friends, it's more as they match my skin tone.

Bitter Start - matte bone shade which is perfect for my pale face to set my primer.

Sweeter End - a shimmery taupe shade with a slight metallic finish. This is great as inner corner highlight or added into of a cream base to make it pop more.

Warm Notes - metallic cranberry which is stunning! With is being a metallic I find it better to pat it on the lid to build up the intensity.

Subtle Blend - Metallic bronze. Another fabulous lid shade. It's earthy and looks fab on the lid.

Beans Are White - Dark brown matte. I love this shade to deepen up the crease and add smokiness to a look without the harshness of a black. It blends like a dream which is great for such a dark shade.

Delicate Acidity - Shimmery brown shimmer with a slight berry fleck. This is a vampy shade and perfect to add some sexiness to a look ;) 

Infusion - Matte dark brown with a gold glitter. This is fab! Whilst the glitter tends to blend away on the top lid, smoked under the bottom lash line or used to deepen a cut crease it's perfect! 

Freshly Toasted - warm matte brown. I love this colour! It's perfect to deepen the crease and is a stunning shade. 
Used with substitute for love it's one of those shades you can put all over the lid for a quick smoky eye.

Substitute For Love - light brown with a bit of shimmer. This is a great transition shade. It's easy to build to your desired intensity which is perfect and doesn't look choppy or messy whilst building up the colour.

Pure Ganache - metallic gold. This is literally like liquid gold! I don't know what else I can say to express how bloody awesome this shade is! 

                 cut crease selfie by bex from bubblybex3 using the zoeva cocoa blend palette

I created my very first cut crease using this palette and it was perfect. As it was a new technique for me I was very happy the shadows were so soft as they practically did the job for me! 

Want to see how I did this look? Check out my video here.

Overall if you're on the fence about getting this palette then I'm here to say go and buy it! 
Worth the £18 in my opinion and if the shades are those you'll get use out of then you have no excuse not to try this beaut of a palette.

I got mine from Beautybay here. What do you think of this palette?

Much Love,

Bex X 

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