Friday, 2 September 2016

The #GGEvent

Hey guys!

For those on Twitter you've probably heard of the fabulous Jemma and will no doubt be part of her #thegirlgang (if not what are you waiting for?) 

Well Jemma hosted her first girlgang event and this lucky bitch won herself a ticket! Thanks Gary! (Jemma's BF for those not in the know 😉) and it was amazing!

Thursday arrived bright and early with me waking in a mad panic as my alarm didn't go off (ok I snoozed) thus meaning I ran around like a headless chicken coz I had to actually get dressed and do something with my mane (why did I decide to grow my hair long again?)

Anyway an hour or three later I was ready to face the world and fangirl over the bloggers attending! I met up with Lydia at the met station and we made our way to Manchester to meet up with Tasmin and Danielle! Then we made out way to DiveNQ.

We were early (I know I'm still surprised at myself for not being uber late) and I finally got my hug from Jemma! Life complete ;)
I did manage to get one selfie as I'm a shy loser with crowds *hides face* but it's a good one so maybe I'll get more next time? 

                  me and jemma taking a selfie. as you do!

The room was set up lovely and had some cozy sofas to chill out on! The raffle prizes were awesome and Jemma even had a notebook set up so we could all write a lil something. I'm that witty I put 'stay awesome' deep I know! #fml

all the raffle prizes for the girl gang event

Once everyone arrived it got pretty loud and I'm embarrassed to say I felt a bit overwhelmed! Especially as I'm deaf in one ear so it made my head feel funny with all the noise. To those I missed, I'm sorry! It wasn't personal!

We had a talk from Pinksters gin which is proudly made in Britain and I tried my first gin & tonic. Erm I think I'm still a vodka cranberry girl ;) 

pinksters gin and my first gin and tonic!

I wish I could have chatted to more people but I'm glad I got to meet most of them. Meeting Hayley, Corinne, Holly and Claire was fab plus Kat and Ashton! :D 

Had a lovely chat with Fiona about her charity which is wonderful and met some new peeps! 

Oh and Carrianne made the most delicious gluten free cake! I wish I had a picture to show you but alas I ate it too fast to snap one 😉 

The raffle was a success and Jemma raised over £350 for Whitechapel homeless charity which is amazing! 

All in all it was a pretty great day then we got a goodie bag and boy did the brands treat us! So generous! :)

the girl gang goodie bag was full of some fabulous gifts!

I'll be trying out these babies and let you know what I think! 

Much Love,

Bex X


  1. Omg this event looked amazing! I wish i could have come its not too far for me and to meet all you lovely lot would have been amazing! You look lovely as well <3. Glad you had fun and got some lovely gifts!

  2. It's a fabulous selfie and sounds like an amazing event!!


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