Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Chop'd Manchester

Hey guys,

I was lucky enough to visit the new Chop'd salad bar in Manchester and they did not disappoint!

The premise of Chop'd is to *build a better salad* and the idea was born from the question, would I feed my child this?

The first Chop'd salad bar opened in London at Christmas time to admittedly some ridicule over who would eat salad especially when it's cold but 12 years later and with numerous shops around London, Chop'd has reached Manchester! 

Guys this place is amazing. The shop itself is light, airy and has a comfortable vibe. With a build your own counter and fridges packed with grab and go salads it's perfect for people on a health kick to those on the minutes.


The staff I met were very knowledgable and I like that they can tell you where the fruits, veg and proteins come from. Plus it's real produce with no added nasties. An apple is an apple and a tomato is a tomato. Good right?


I got to make my own salad creation and I was mega impressed with the selection! Think bigger than some wilted iceberg lettuce and soggy cucumber. Chop'd serves rice, pasta and cous cous, roasted veg to chickpeas, many more veggies and a variety of meats and cheeses! Add in nuts, seeds and herbs plus a variety of dressings and and I was spoilt for choice!


Prices are reasonable and even if you add extras it's not going to break the bank. Plus you will not need an afternoon snack once you've stuffed yourself full with a large box of goodness! Believe me! I was full after half a box!

To show how yummy my salad was. I had to wrestle my 11 month old nephew away from stealing my falafel pieces and the smoked salmon because people it was amazing.

Oh and this Savse Super Blue drink was delicious! Filled with fruits and veggies it was a naturally sweet drink with no added sugar! Winner.

Want to check Chop'd out? It's on Cross Street in Manchester! Go, order and enjoy. You can thank me later.

Let me know if you've visited Chop'd yet and what you think!

Much Love,

Bex X 


  1. This looks like a great place which I really need to visit one day! When I visit Manchester I always look for healthy eating places but it's not always easy. I am definitely keeping this one in mind for the next visit.

    1. It was amazing. Really tasty and you know you're getting good food :)
      Please let me know what you think if you try it!


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