Friday, 5 August 2016

Film Friday: My feel good movies...

Hey guys,

We've all had those days where we wish we could hide under the covers and only come out for cake and coffee. Unfortunately I'm not having much cake lately ;)

So I thought I'd share my favourite films. Those movies that I can watch over and over again with no hint of boredom. These are my feel good films and watching them brings me back to my happy place :)

Monster in Law

Staring Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda this is a comedy about an over possessive mother who thinks Charlie (J-Lo) isn't good enough for her son so becomes the mother in law from hell.
Prepare for fun and games when these two feisty characters go head to head in the game of love.
I love J-Lo in this and this film is bright, funny and the lead guy is hot so that's a bonus. Lol.
I love watching this when I need a giggle :)

Because I said so

Starring Mandy Moore & Diane Keaton this is a film where sometimes mother doesn't know best!
Worried her daughter won't find love, Daphne (Diane Keaton) writes a personal ad to 'date her daughter' in the hopes of finding Millie (Mandy Moore) the perfect man.
Get ready for a crazy ride in the world of dating, love and completely different guys! 
This film is a lovely rom com but mostly it's about a mother/daughter bond that can't be broken even after some bad decisions, that sometimes what seems wrong is actually right and learning to cut the apron strings.


Finally I had to include Disney's Hercules! What don't I love about this film?!
I love the characters, even bad boy Hades and the actors were very well chosen for each character.
Disney takes you on an adventure into Greek mythology with a funny, light hearted film that imo kids and adults will all enjoy! I'm 29 sooo I count as an adult. Right?! Haha.
I love it that much I even bought the song 'Go the distance' lol

So that's some of my favourite 'feel good' films! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you haven't watched them I urge you to give them a try!

What's your feel good film?

Much Love,

Bex X

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  1. OMG I love some of these! Another one of mine would have to be Mean Girls, I bloody love that film!



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