Thursday, 18 August 2016

Are you an enabler?

Hey guys,

As you know if you've ever read my blog or had a natter with me on Twitter I'm on a weightloss journey.

I'm feeling really good at the moment. I've had a few blah moments but mostly I'm in a positive mood.

Now diet and healthy eating aside as a greedy chick I'm just as susceptible to a tasty treat as the next person (if not more so) but life isn't as easy as only taking one piece for me and before you know it I've gobbled down a family sized bar of cadburys before you've finished one square!

On a few recent outings I've been majorly tempted by others and I'll admit I've caved a few times! FYI I don't recommend eating bread after two months of being on low carb! It wasn't pretty! 

The thing is a lot of the time you'll be with friends who'll give you the old 'go on, a small piece won't hurt' or 'you're doing so well, you deserve a treat' to my favourite 'just do some extra exercise' these simple little sentences can really mess with a fat chicks head.

Before you know it visions of tucking into a slice of freshly made carrot cake bombard you and somehow your uber healthy salad becomes dust in your mouth.

So my question is: are you guilty of enabling? 

No matter how good intended it is we are all guilty of tempting others. Not only with food but anything and everything. Just remember the chubby peeps trying to change and maybe suggest the fruit platter ;)

Until next time....keep smiling :)

Much Love, 

Bex X


  1. Love this post! Hilariously honest and everyone's a bit guilty of being an enabler I think.... (I definitely am 🙋🏻)

  2. I think we all are guilty of it, in a harmless way!


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