Saturday, 2 July 2016

Let's Detox!

Hey guys,

It's been a while!! Now for a catch up on life! Lol

I'm back on the ole diet! I started a detox of the 1st July to kick start my system and flush out all the nasties. I'm going to have two shakes a day and a healthy meal and see how I get on.

So far withdrawal is kicking my arse! I'm on day 2 and my body is fighting the change but I expected that so I'm persevering :)

I'm thinking of doing weekly vlogs as I go a long, I can't say I live the most exciting life but I figured I can try it out and see how I get on :)

So I'm going to go enjoy my chicken salad and drink plenty of water with a few mugs of green tea to add some pizazz ;) 

Much Love,

Bex X 


  1. Good luck! That chicken salad looks amazing :) If I could just give a lil advice though I'd say add a little carbohydrate like potato or brown pasta to give you the energy to keep going or you might end up feeling tired all the time :)
    BTW I've been watching your YouTube videos and I'm loving them! Your personality is amazing, I'd love to be your mate haha!
    Nic x

  2. That looks so yummy! Hope the shakes are getting easier and the cravings are getting less!



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