Friday, 29 April 2016

Time: To grow, to live, to be...

Hey guys,

I'm feeling quite reflective today. I'm getting ready to attend my first blogger event which is as scary as it is exciting. It's been ages since I socialised in a large group and don't get me wrong once I'm there I'll happy as Larry (who is Larry and why is he so happy? Lol) and it'll be great to meet all those bloggers I've admired for ages!

But it's still that initial feeling of apprehension. That nervous excitement that feels like a thousand butterflies are fluttering inside your tummy.

Which got me thinking about time. That elusive paradox which governs our lives. We live in such a fast past world of computers, phones and even interactive accessories. Apple Watch anyone?

Social media is forever changing that by the time I've figured out how to post, tweet, pin and Instagram with all those various hashtags (I can still remember asking what's a hashtag?) that a new platform is out, ready to suck in my soul for the chance at gaining followers, likes, loves, retweets, shares and any other form of acceptance that I crave to feel like I'm not so alone.

Which again brings me back to time. We spend half our life wishing time would go faster and the other half wishing it would slow down! Why?

I've spent 10 years waiting for something to happen. Once I'm slim I'll do this or once I'm at my goal dress size I'll do that and the sad fact is that 10 years has passed. A decade has flashed by and I'm still no closer to those provisos I gave myself at 18. 

'Why wait until tomorrow, when you can do it today and if you like it today, you can do it again tomorrow' 

That's why I decided to stop missing out on things. I'm attending two events this weekend, this is a big thing for me. I've even started YouTube which was scary yet with each step out of my comfort zone, I give self-doubt the middle finger! 

So here's to conquering obstacles even if only in your mind! Thanks for reading.

Much Love,

Bex X

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