Thursday, 3 March 2016

Sally the UKBLOGGERS mascot pin!

Hello my lovelies,

Today's post is one I'm so excited to share with you and I'm sad it's taken me so long to write it but that illness a few weeks back is still kicking my arse! 


Before I get into the fabulous Sally pin, brooch, badge I need to give you the story of how I found Sarah and the ukbloggers family.

Back in early 2015 I was new to pretty much the whole blogging and social media thang. Twitter was a baffling concept and I didn't know a tweet from a post but I wanted to find other people to engage with who knew what blogging entailed and could relate to me. 

Then I found Twitter chats! This started a whole new experience for me. I was suddenly talking more to others, learning new things, finding new products, gaining followers and most importantly I was making friends. One of the chats I found was ukbloggers.

This chat was founded by the amazing Sarah from lifeinabreakdown who I'm happy to count as a friend. UKbloggers is a great place to have a giggle and it's not a niche focused chat so the more the merrier is the motto :D

After that, I joined the Facebook group which is great place to ask advice and see what's going on in general. Sarah set it up with various options to share posts, social media links and comments. It's s friendly page and I've learnt new things from the guys in that page.

Which brings me to the main focus of this post. Sarah has started selling ukbloggers merchandise and I'm beyond excited to share my new beauty with you guys!
Sally the dog is Sarah's own pooch and she's gorgeous! So of course a Sally silhouette was designed and I needed her! 


Made by Funky Laser from a durable plastic with a gorgeous glitter reflect this pin is a bespoke design and the laser gives you a perfectly cut accessory. This pin is not only a cute addition to your outfit, to me it also represents family and friendship and that's what Sarah has created with ukbloggers. A family :)

You can also buy necklaces with various blogger quotes from ukbloggers, time for tea to buy now blog later plus different colours are available! They even have t-shirts now! 
To make this even greater, all monies made goes back into ukbloggers to make the group even better! It's a win win all round :D

Want to check out the merch? Go to and give Sarah and ukbloggers some love. You can also check out ukbloggers on Twitter and Facebook :)

What do you think of Sally? Are you going to grab some pieces? Let me know!

Much Love,

Bex x

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  1. Ahh this is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for anything glittery haha!
    Glad your feeling better lovely.



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