Monday, 1 February 2016

So what's next...?

Hello people,

Now I don't want this to come across as a negative, whiny post. I hope...

Anyway I've been having serious confidence issues over bubblybex3. Don't get me wrong I love my liittle bit of the internet and if the only one who reads this is my mum then that's fine!

That being said lately I've not felt like I do fit in with the blogosphere. What do I really contribute? I'm just a fat chick struggling to lose weight with a bit of a makeup addiction but I want to show that I'm so much more than the latest lipstick or fitness craze. 

I don't fit in the health category as me fucking up my eating plan doesn't help anyone, although it makes me feel good to purge myself on here, so yay winner!

I'm not a 'real' beauty blogger! Shock horror. What I am is a beauty enthusiast. I can share my favourite product, my mini hauls but you want the nitty gritty about formula, finishes and benefits? Checkout Hayley at London Beauty Queen or Jane At British Beauty Blogger. Both firm favourites of mine.

So where do I fit? Do I need a niche to be a 'blogger'? 

The answer is I can be whatever I bloody want! I'm making some big changes to my life and my blog this year! Once I get my organisation sorted that is (I'm shit, it's official, move on) and I hope you'll stay for the journey!

What's my plan you ask? 

First up let's clarify that I am still dieting, I'm determined to lose the weight and get fit. I'm going to change up my weigh ins to weekly. Keeps me on track and I'll update on here each week. Yay.

Next I'm incorporating more lifestyle posts! I want to share my favourite things with you. From books, films and video games to places, people and blogs! I'm even attending some events! Yes you heard it, this anti-social wally is putting her game face on *insert sassy hair flick emoji*
Oh and my YouTube will be up and running soon! Once I've got over the techy side that is! Haha.

I also thought it'd be fun to do a post on a recipe I make each week. I just bought the fabulous book by blogger Danni at Hungry Healthy Happy and as I'm a lazy cook this is the perfect opportunity to get out of my comfort zone whilst eating healthier foods. Two birds right?! 

However the beauty is still a big part of it as I love it so why not talk about?! Plus if I don't blog about it, I can't justify buying more so....haha not happening ;)

I'm also going to introduce you to my fur babies. I love my beasties to bits but I'm sometimes wary of sharing their pretty faces as staffies get such a bad rep (thanks national newspapers!) yet we can't tar every dog with the same brush? 

Finally I'm working on a post close to my heart and it's about my brother. James has autism with severe challenging behaviour and I want to a) introduce him and b) share what it's like having a sibling who's wired differently. 

Phew that was a long post! Hope you stuck with it :)

If you'd like to see anything in particular on here or even on YouTube then please leave a comment or tweet me @bubblybex3 :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Whatever you post about will be brilliant because your amazing. You don't need a niche, just blog about what you love! Regardless what you post I'll still be coming back for more!

    Becca xxx

  2. Love this post Bex...I definitely don't believe that all bloggers need a niche. It's up to each individual what they write on their blog and they should never feel pressured to be writing a certain way. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next for your blog :) xxx


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