Monday, 15 February 2016

Beauty Bits from BornPrettyStore

Hello lovelies,

I think we've established that I love buying anything to do with beauty, makeup and things that glitter or sparkle prettily. So when Joy from BornPrettyStore contacted me to try some beauty bits, I'll admit I got a tad excited to browse the site.

Guys, this site is fabulous for those super affordable products that you didn't know you needed, wanted, must have now! From lashes to lipsticks, shadows to tweezers and all those inbetween! The best part? You can fill your basket with 20 things and still stay under £10! Winner!

It's like bargain shopping on a caffeine rush and I'm excited to share my choices with you! :)


I've been having a thing about false lashes lately even though I wear glasses and I'm shit at putting them on but I loved the look of this natural set :)


To go with my quest for fuller, thicker, lusher lashes (what a mouthful) I got a pair of false lash aid tweezers to put those bad boys on :D


Lipstick!!!!! Who is shocked I got a lippie? Haha. I did want a pinky shade but it was out of stock so why not wear red right? 

Isn't that colour beautiful *swoon*

Finally I got this quirky little lip product that's really cool. Tear off lipgloss!

You pop on like a regular gloss but keep your lips parted, once it sets you peel it off and voilĂ  you have a kissable pout with a subtle tint of colour. Now pucker up buttercup! ;p 

will be reviewing my goodies in the coming weeks so watch this space and I will definitely be ordering more from BornPrettyStore 

Bonus alert!! BornPrettyStore offer free shipping worldwide (winner) and I'm also happy to share a discount code to all my readers which will save you an additional 10% off an already cheap and cheerful site! It's like you're getting it for free. Lol. Just enter MTH10 when you place your order :)

What do you think of my mini haul? Will you be buying some bits? I'd love to know if you do!

Much Love,

Bex x

*this post features gifted items. This doesn't hinder my opinion and all views are my own.

Friday, 12 February 2016

What's happening at BB3...

Hey guys,

Quick update on...well me, it is my blog, I will be the centre of attention haha

Anyway I've been really ill for the last 2 weeks! Started with a little cold that bloody exploded! The virus got so bad it caused an infection in my ear and alas my eardrum perforated. Ouch 

So my blog plans went out the window. I didn't have the energy or focus to write a post or if I'm honest take proper pictures. I was stuck in self pitying mode (think man flu) whilst trying to bankrupt myself with online shopping! Curse you PayPal for making it so easy!

That being said, I've got loads of shiz to share with you!!! From eyeshadows (what else would I buy?) to Korean beauty bits. It's all going to be happening on bubblybex3! Can I get a whoop whoop? 

I'm also making a better effort to fight my insecurities! A friend sent me a text recently saying how much I have to offer if I'd only believe in myself (the text was longer, I'm just giving you the jist) and to stop getting in my own way.

I've noticed a few times lately I'm letting insecurities spoil things even with my blog and social media but a moaning ninny gets nowhere fast. This girl has goals to achieve! Personal, career, life and blog wise! Some big, some small. All important!

Watch this space people! Bex is back! 

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Valentine's Day Fashion Wish List

Hey lovelies,

As per my last post where I said I'd try new things on the ole blog (click here if you fancy a read) today's post is a fashion, outfit wish list type thang and as I'm actually a sad singleton, who'll be embracing my inner Bridget Jones this Valentine's Day *woe is me* I thought it'd be nice to do a 'what would I wear on a Valentine's Date' and my partner of choice is obviously my gorgeous mum. Hey mum :D

I was browsing which has sooooo many brands, styles, accessories and all that jazz! This fashion forward site is killing it with the variety of hip, quirky, cool and classic options available from those luxury brands we all covet to independent indie brands that are setting the fashion world on fire!

So here's my perfect outfit for a Valentine's Day date with my mum.

I love this Amir Slama dress! It's an A-line style which is perfect for my shape (I'm a girl with hips) I love the print, the colours and the hearts fit the loovvveeee feel. Paired with this fabulous Twin-set leather jacket and you can see my style is grunge chic. 


I couldn't decide on shoes so my options are the awesome Kendo boots which will make this outfit look smoking! Failing that these Lanvin studded flats are super cute :)


Not sure if I've mentioned but I wear glasses and unless I get brave with the contacts, a pair of fabulous specs are a must! 
I decided to add these Cutler & Gross frames to jazz up my look and how gorgeous is this Rebecca Minkoff bag! Oh my days! I'm in love! 


A girl isn't complete without her bling so to wrap up my ensemble are these vintage gems which are beautiful! I love different jewellery, like the quirky padlock necklace and the distressed earrings. 


Now even for us fun loving singles we need that special someone to share the merriment with, so I couldn't leave my mum out of an outfit ;D

My mums an elegant, bold lady so I went for a classic black pant suit by Armani and a red sleeveless Maison Margiela top with panelling detail.


Classic and sexy. I paired this with some gorgeous Gianvito Rossi red peek a boo court shoes, a vintage Louis Vuitton bag and my mum wouldn't be happy without her Christopher Kane leather gloves :)


See the theme? Red for love right? Lol. Finally I completed my mums look with some beautiful jewellery.


They scream elegance to me and these added touches just make the whole look pop!

So that's my first wish list complete! I loved browsing With over 400 boutiques in one place I was spoilt for choice. Now I wish I really was rocking the above for a nice meal out! Next year Bex, next year ;)

What do you think of my choices? Will you be doing any romancing this Valentine's Day? 
I'd love to hear from you :) 

Much Love,

Bex x

*all photos are from which I had permission to use*

Monday, 1 February 2016

So what's next...?

Hello people,

Now I don't want this to come across as a negative, whiny post. I hope...

Anyway I've been having serious confidence issues over bubblybex3. Don't get me wrong I love my liittle bit of the internet and if the only one who reads this is my mum then that's fine!

That being said lately I've not felt like I do fit in with the blogosphere. What do I really contribute? I'm just a fat chick struggling to lose weight with a bit of a makeup addiction but I want to show that I'm so much more than the latest lipstick or fitness craze. 

I don't fit in the health category as me fucking up my eating plan doesn't help anyone, although it makes me feel good to purge myself on here, so yay winner!

I'm not a 'real' beauty blogger! Shock horror. What I am is a beauty enthusiast. I can share my favourite product, my mini hauls but you want the nitty gritty about formula, finishes and benefits? Checkout Hayley at London Beauty Queen or Jane At British Beauty Blogger. Both firm favourites of mine.

So where do I fit? Do I need a niche to be a 'blogger'? 

The answer is I can be whatever I bloody want! I'm making some big changes to my life and my blog this year! Once I get my organisation sorted that is (I'm shit, it's official, move on) and I hope you'll stay for the journey!

What's my plan you ask? 

First up let's clarify that I am still dieting, I'm determined to lose the weight and get fit. I'm going to change up my weigh ins to weekly. Keeps me on track and I'll update on here each week. Yay.

Next I'm incorporating more lifestyle posts! I want to share my favourite things with you. From books, films and video games to places, people and blogs! I'm even attending some events! Yes you heard it, this anti-social wally is putting her game face on *insert sassy hair flick emoji*
Oh and my YouTube will be up and running soon! Once I've got over the techy side that is! Haha.

I also thought it'd be fun to do a post on a recipe I make each week. I just bought the fabulous book by blogger Danni at Hungry Healthy Happy and as I'm a lazy cook this is the perfect opportunity to get out of my comfort zone whilst eating healthier foods. Two birds right?! 

However the beauty is still a big part of it as I love it so why not talk about?! Plus if I don't blog about it, I can't justify buying more so....haha not happening ;)

I'm also going to introduce you to my fur babies. I love my beasties to bits but I'm sometimes wary of sharing their pretty faces as staffies get such a bad rep (thanks national newspapers!) yet we can't tar every dog with the same brush? 

Finally I'm working on a post close to my heart and it's about my brother. James has autism with severe challenging behaviour and I want to a) introduce him and b) share what it's like having a sibling who's wired differently. 

Phew that was a long post! Hope you stuck with it :)

If you'd like to see anything in particular on here or even on YouTube then please leave a comment or tweet me @bubblybex3 :)

Much Love,

Bex x