Saturday, 31 December 2016

Bubblybex3 turns 2!

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate. I had a great time seeing family and overindulging with food!

Today is New Year's Eve and my little blog is 2 years old! Yay!!!

I still remember biting the bullet and starting BB3. I was fat, lonely and really wanted to connect with others and share my love of beauty plus I thought it would motivate me to change my eating habits.

Now it's not been plain sailing at all. I've been up and down like a yoyo with my weight, hit writers block big time this year and I've spent far too much on eyeshadow palettes but these are all a part of my journey and I wouldn't change a thing.

This year saw me embrace a more positive outlook. I attended events, met up with friends and tried not to let insecurity get the better of me. Most of the time I won so kudos!

I started my YouTube channel bubblybex3 in May and I'm at 400 subscribers which is unreal for a fat chick with confidence issues! 

The best bit was finally starting my weightloss journey in July! I've lost nearly 4 stone and I'm feeling so much better in myself. I'm enjoying the process, making small changes and loving the results so far! I can't wait to see what 2017 will bring! 

I just wanted to thank everyone is has supported me on the crazy adventure! I appreciate every comment, tweet, like or share. It means the world to me! 

I hope you have a brilliant new year!!! I'm 30 this year so the countdown to June 7th is on! Haha.

Much Love,

Bex X 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Lush Arndale Manchester!!

Hello people!!!

Soo I finally did it! I am no loner a lush virgin! ;)

selection of lush products

I've always been overwhelmed with lush. So many choices, lots of scents to choose from and more skincare than a beauticians studio!  

selection of lush gift sets and products

However a few weeks back I went to a beauty school event that lush in Manchester were having and it was amazing! We were slit into 3 groups to fully experience each section. 

First up was the makeup demonstration. The staff did a full look using the Lush makeup range and quick FYI: lush Manchester is the only store barring London that has the beauty range. You can't even buy it online.

homemade vegan cakes and eye jewels

I was pleasantly surprised by the makeup and fell in love with the eye jewels! Sooo pigmented! 

more lush products

Next we went into the green house, another Manchester exclusive and we got to make 2 products. Each group make different things and my group made a bath bomb called big blue and angels on bare skin. 

making my own angels on bare skin at lush arndale

It was fun to do and get some background on the ingredients used. From the suppliers to the benefits of each one. 

using lush henna to colour hair and learning new hair tricks

Finally we ended the event with a henna hair dye demonstration and learnt how to do a hair knot. 

selection of bath bombs on sale at lush

After we'd experienced each section we were sent off to browse and shop at our leisure. I obviously bought some bits and I'm chuffed with my finds.

trying new lush makeup

Overall I had a fabulous time. I was impressed with how knowledgeable the staff were and you can see they truly enjoy working at lush which just shines through.

feel like a princess with glitter bubble bar wands from lush

I'd definitely recommend the Manchester Arndale store and the great thing is you can book your own beauty party! Be that with a group of you or just with your BFF. 

i made a bath bomb, bought an orange bubble bar wonder and its all about the silver eye jewel

Aren't the wands fantastic? Plus look at the silver metallic awesomeness of the eye Jewel! 

What's your favourite thing from lush?

Much Love,

Bex X 

Monday, 19 December 2016

Party dresses and Frocktails with bonprix

Hey lovelies,

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to be invited to a cocktail party with the online fashion site bonprixFor those unaware bonprix is a fashionable online store that caters to everyone including my plus size ladies.

All the ladies who attended were gifted a cocktail dress which we got to pick from the diverse range on offer! I was spoilt for choice!

                                       cocktail dress from bonprix with a flower detail and sleeves

I decided on this black dress with a flower detail on the shoulder and I loved the sleeves as I hate having bare arms. 
I felt fabulous in this dress which for those familiar with my blog you'll know I'm one to hide be hide baggy sweat pants. 

The dress was perfect. It was comfortable to wear, fit like a dream and looked so classy. I even curled my hair and rocked a red lip to truly get into the party spirit.

The event itself was amazing. Set in the gorgeous MalMaison in Leeds which is gorgeous by the way! Oh and the nibbles on offer were delicious as well!

selection of nibbles served at malmaison leeds

Everyone looked amazing and the ladies who ran the event were so lovely and attentive to all the bloggers which is always a great thing to see.

We got to create two cocktails or Frocktails as they were nicknamed and the hashtag was aptly titled #bonprixOnTheRocks 

learning how to make cocktails at malmaison leeds with bonprix

I had a brilliant night! I met some lovely bloggers, got to see up close a selection of the dresses available on and had a giggle making frocktails.

some selfies with other bloggers at the event

These dresses are perfect for those Christmas and new year parties or even those special events that need a fab frock to spice things up!

Want to check out these amazing dresses? Click here and have fun shopping! 

Much Love,

Bex X 

*post contains a gifted item. As always all opinions are my own and I'm always 100% honest.

Monday, 5 December 2016

L'Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Mist

Hey guys,

As I'm nearing the dreaded 3 0 I'm starting to think more about my skincare routine and anti-aging.

I don't have many but I've noticed a few fine lines and I have some frown lines between my brows that annoy the hell out of me! I really need to stop being a grumpy cow ;)

a spray with gold particles to reduce the signs of aging

Lately I've been putting the *L'Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Mist to the test. This spray has no hidden nasties, just purified water with pure gold, no I didn't stutter, that's pure gold! With added zinc to aid oil control and platinum to firm and regenerate, this is perfect for those who prefer gentle products. 

Since watching big beauty gurus talking about gold primers I though this was a fab product to incorporate into my routine.

This little bottle of goodness is very refreshing on the face. No noticeable scent which I love as I'm quite sensitive to smells. It leaves my face feeling fresh and prepped.

flat lay of the face and body spray

Makeup goes on just as smoothly and doesn't stick in places which I was worried about initially. In fact this spray actually seems to improve my makeup application.

I haven't noticed any changes with anti-aging but like I said I only have the odd fine line near my eyes so really at this stage it's more about preventing wrinkles than fixing what I already have and skincare needs time to show improvements so I'm hopeful that with continued use I'll start to look 18 again ;)

                               selfie after using the l'or pharaons face mist

This spray is small enough to fit nicely in your makeup bag and is so easy to use its like childs play! We all want young looking skin so adding this to your routine is a simple step for what could be a big difference to your skin.

You can find the L'Or des Pharaons Anti-Aging Mist here

Have you tried this spray? What do you think?

Much Love,

Bex X

*this post contains a gifted item. As always everything stated is my own honest opinion. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Why am I not good enough?!

Hey guys,

Random post which in hindsight I should probably bin and forget about but then I thought no, bubblybex3 is my blog to write about whatever shit I want. Granted I'm mostly moaning about being fat or gushing over the latest eyeshadow palette but you get my meaning. This is my space!

On to the topic at hand. No confidence and self doubt. These are things I feel most of the time. I've touched on the subject of my extreme pmt before (PMDD post here) and how the hormonal fluctuations make me crazy! 

Well did they hit last weekend! After missing my period for months (they stopped due to being too fat! Ha back to the moaning) they have come back with a vengeance! I'm talking monster pmt people! Is this tmi? 

Anyway the catalyst to my emotional breakdown this week was one tiny little thing that in the grand scheme of things means fuck all.

I just don't feel good enough. I feel like people only tolerate me which at 29 is a sad thing to admit whether it's true or not and I hate how insecure I feel when it comes to social situations. Are people even bothered I'm there?!

I wanted to deactivate Twitter, Facebook and snapchat as I felt like the worst person in the world. I was fat, I was ugly and I had this paranoid fear that everyone was going to abandon a sinking ship (unfollow me) coz that's the worst right?

Don't fret, I obviously didn't. It was my mum who told me to stop being a twit and that I'm letting hormones and insecurities create problems that don't exist.
Gah it's making me cringe just writing this! 

Then I got over it. Whether it's because my hormones decided to even out and give the psychotic thoughts a rest or I just decided who fucking cares?! 

This girl is on a mission to better herself both physically and mentally and no hormone or negative thought will stop me! 

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

Much Love,

Bex X

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Voodou Liverpool

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to be invited to an event at Voodou Salon in Liverpool recently which gave me the chance to check out there awesome services.

skull and cross bones logo for voodou salon in liverpool

First off this place is awesome! It's huge and I instantly loved the vibe. This awesome mosaic symbol takes pride of place on the main back wall, so I had to get a picture of that bad boy. Although this one is all thanks to Allie as mine got swallowed up by snapchat. Oops.

Downstairs is home to The Hippy Club where all your hair extension needs can be realised. They also make hair products as well! The owner Louise is a lovely lady who can rock a vintage hippy dress like no other. 

peace hair logo for the hippy club liverpool

The concept of Voodou and The Hippy Club is embracing individuality. Within these four walls you will find your perfect stylist and in the Bold Street store alone they have 23 artists ready to give you the cut of your dreams. 

selection of gifts available at voodou hair salon in liverpool

The set up for the #VoodouChristmas was amazing. It was fun, relaxed and I had a fab time meeting new people and finding out about what Voodou Salon is all about.

                                   make up sets are available at voovou salon in liverpool

They also have some cracking gift sets available which would be perfect presents for family and friends. You can check them out at

Also how cool are the chocolate sprouts?! Haha 

tasty christmas treats from marks and spencer

Voodou also work closely with Redken which is awesome and we were really lucky and got a goodie bag full of products to try! 

selection of redken products and hippy club dry shampoo to try

I'm excited to see how these work with my hair and I'm a big fan of dry shampoo so the hippy club version should be interesting to test out! 

Overall it was a fabulous evening and I'd urge everyone to give these guys a visit. They have loads of deals on just ready for Christmas so you know you're in good hands plus getting a saving as well! 

Much Love,

Bex X 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Makeup Gallery || Testing Poundland Makeup

Hey guys,

I decided to follow the crowd and give Poundland makeup a go and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

full face of makeup by poundland

I spent less than £20 on a full face which if you're a student on a budget or just don't want to spend that much on makeup is great. I'd say give this brand a try.

I wasn't too impressed with the foundation or concealer as the shades and coverage were pants but the face powder, bronzer and blush were actually pretty good. Slightly powdery but not enough to put me off.

The metallic eyeshadows were lovely! Especially Pink Champayne which I used as a highlighter. They were very soft and didn't have any fall out so yay to that!

upclose of poundland single eyeshadows

I loved the black liquid liner! It had a small brush and I was able to draw a semi decent wing with liquid liner for the first time! I'm normally a felt tip liner girl. Lol.

Mostly as I have hooded lids I was happy to see that the liner didn't transfer on my upper lid so this will definitely be a keeper.

poundland liquid and glitter eyeliners

The glitter liners were OK, my only issue was I had to keep dipping my brush in the tube to get the product to show.

The brow pencil was good. Firm enough to get nice hair like strokes and had good pigmentation. The lip liner however was awful! Too hard with no colour unless I pressed really hard and I kinda like my lips without bruises ;)

Overall I'd say this brand was a win. Yes I personally had some duds but I was able to make them work and for £1 each it's not going to to annoy you if it doesn't work out.

selfie using only poundland makeup

I also did a first impressions video on my channel so if you fancy a watch you can find it here.

Have you tried Makeup Gallery? What do you think? 

Much Love,

Bex X 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Positivity, Weightloss and Achievements..

Hey guys,

I felt the need to share what's happening with me at the moment. 

roses with the beast, dragon and elephant tsum tsum

I started my blog Jan 2015 as a way to help me focus on my weightloss & as I'd decided to stop hiding myself because I'm 'fat' I wanted to experiment with make up and embrace my love of all things shiny. 

Diet wise I wasn't the greatest. I was up and down with gaining & losing. I had this constant need to think & talk about food especially the not so great stuff.
If I lost a pound I rewarded myself with food. I mean I deserved it right? 

Then I just stopped. I went right back to eating junk and gained even more weight. I still kept bubblybex3 going just with more of a focus on beauty but even that trickled to a few posts a month at best.

Fast forward to May 2016 and I posted my first YouTube video. This was to push me into kick starting the ole diet again. Whilst it didn't work, I found a love of making videos and trying to get my brain to understand basic editing. Lol

youtube banner for bubblybex3

Then July 1st 2016 I just started changing my ways. I'm not even calling it a diet because the way I feel it's just my life now. To be cliche: it's a lifestyle change.
I didn't make a big deal out of it, I just started. Didn't tell anyone or pre-plan or have a last fat meal before its salads and cardboard on Monday. 

This day was a turning point in my life. I accepted I needed to change before I put myself in an early grave and I made the effort to embrace a more positive frame of mind. I have good days and bad days but it's a step up from that dejected person the year before.

Fast forward again to November 1st and I've lost a total of 3st and 3lb!

Not only have I shed 45lb. I've also dropped 3 dress sizes not to mention 2 knicker sizes as well! *less junk in the trunk*
I'm even making more of an effort with my clothing. I mean it's still mostly black but I ain't rocking the baggy sweats and polo's from sports direct anymore! 

side to side comparison of Bex's face to show weightloss

I can honestly say I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I eat all the time, I'm just eating better foods or a different variation. The main thing I've noticed is I'm not thinking about all the things I'm missing or over stressing about getting weighed. I weigh in once a month. Before I had to weigh in weekly so I could treat myself. Now I don't need to do that. 

variety of meals that are tasty and healthy

Another thing I'm proud of is that I'm pushing myself to be more social. I'm attending events, I'm meeting new people and I'm having fun.

I also hit 300+ subscribers on my YouTube channel! For a fat chick with insecurity issues this is bloody exciting to see I can tell you! 

So whilst I'm not posting as much about my weightloss on here, rest assured I'm in a good place right now. I'm enjoying my life, trying new things and losing weight slowly but surely. 

Much Love,

Bex X 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Dr Botanicals Skincare

Hey guys,

For the last month I've been busy testing a new moisturiser and facial oil by the brand dr botanicals.

This brand is all about those plant based ingredients plus they are vegan, cruelty free and boast some pretty impressive claims that will make all the difference to your skin.

I've been using the Anti-Oxidising Daily Radiance Moisturiser and Neroli Restoring Facial Oil. 

First off the packaging is very sleek and classy. It's basic but effective. It gives the overall vibe of a luxury item and the bottles are sturdy. No cheap flimsy jars here! 

The Anti-Oxidising day cream had a gel/cream hybrid texture. Think of a water based product and you'll understand what I mean. It was lovely in the skin and soaked it practically straight away!

                               anti-oxidising radiance face cream

One thing I did notice is that it left a kind of matte finish to my skin. Normally after moisturising I get a dewy finish till its soaked into my skin so it was surprising how this didn't.
This isn't a bad thing per se but something I wanted to mention.
I found after daily use my skin started to look brighter, although it wasn't the best on my dry patches, I still love the overall look of my skin.

The Neroli facial oil was unlike any oil I've used! I'm a big fan of adding oil to my moisturiser or foundation. Again as I'm suffering with random dry patches I find oils can add that bit of deeper hydration and also make up application is smoother.

                                    neroli facial oil

This oil was lovely, I used this first then applied the moisturiser once it had sank into the skin.
It did make my skin look plump and lifted so it's a winner for me. I will note that this left a slight tacky feel to my skin so I would recommend using a cream after. 
These two together worked great. They perked up my lacklustre skin tone and played well when I wore makeup. Also they will last you a while especially the oil as you only need a few drops.

I'd say these particular products would be good for those with combo/oily skin as my dry patches didn't improve much.

I love how natural these are as well, it's so important to have a good skincare regime especially with weather changes and just day to day getting older.

We can buy all the expensive foundations we want but if we neglect our skin at a base level, it doesn't make a difference how much we spend on makeup. 

Want to try this brand? Check them out on LookFantastic and let me know what you think!

Much Love,

Bex X 

*these items were gifted to me but NOT by lookfantastic. They are just the easiest place I could find who stock dr botanicals but feel free to google other stockists. As always all opinions are my own and I'm 100% honest.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

Hey beauts,

I'm so excited to talk about this palette! I know it's been out for ages and everyone and his dog raves about it but I only got it for my birthday and it took me ages to start using it, so sue me I'm late again! Haha.

flat lay of the zoeva cocoa blend palette with spectrum brushes

It's a warm toned palette with 10 pigmented shades in a few different finishes. Matte, satin, glitter, and metallic shades offer up many different possibilities to create some makeup magic! 

                                close up of the shadows in the zoeva cocoa blend palette

This palette blends like a dream! You can build up the pigmentation and adding layers doesn't give you a choppy finish so it all looks seamless no matter how much you add. 

Below are some brush swatches using a flat shadow brush that I cleaned after each use. I swiped my brush three times.
I decided to channel my inner Stephanie Nicole (check out her YouTube channel here) as a finger swipe will show more pigmentation thus not giving a clear reflection of how they will play on the eyes.

brush swatches of the zoeva cocoa blend palette
The top row in the first picture is L-R in the palette but the bottom row in the second picture is R -L (I had a senior moment when I used my opposite arm. Lol) 

The first two shades look none existent but fear not my friends, it's more as they match my skin tone.

Bitter Start - matte bone shade which is perfect for my pale face to set my primer.

Sweeter End - a shimmery taupe shade with a slight metallic finish. This is great as inner corner highlight or added into of a cream base to make it pop more.

Warm Notes - metallic cranberry which is stunning! With is being a metallic I find it better to pat it on the lid to build up the intensity.

Subtle Blend - Metallic bronze. Another fabulous lid shade. It's earthy and looks fab on the lid.

Beans Are White - Dark brown matte. I love this shade to deepen up the crease and add smokiness to a look without the harshness of a black. It blends like a dream which is great for such a dark shade.

Delicate Acidity - Shimmery brown shimmer with a slight berry fleck. This is a vampy shade and perfect to add some sexiness to a look ;) 

Infusion - Matte dark brown with a gold glitter. This is fab! Whilst the glitter tends to blend away on the top lid, smoked under the bottom lash line or used to deepen a cut crease it's perfect! 

Freshly Toasted - warm matte brown. I love this colour! It's perfect to deepen the crease and is a stunning shade. 
Used with substitute for love it's one of those shades you can put all over the lid for a quick smoky eye.

Substitute For Love - light brown with a bit of shimmer. This is a great transition shade. It's easy to build to your desired intensity which is perfect and doesn't look choppy or messy whilst building up the colour.

Pure Ganache - metallic gold. This is literally like liquid gold! I don't know what else I can say to express how bloody awesome this shade is! 

                 cut crease selfie by bex from bubblybex3 using the zoeva cocoa blend palette

I created my very first cut crease using this palette and it was perfect. As it was a new technique for me I was very happy the shadows were so soft as they practically did the job for me! 

Want to see how I did this look? Check out my video here.

Overall if you're on the fence about getting this palette then I'm here to say go and buy it! 
Worth the £18 in my opinion and if the shades are those you'll get use out of then you have no excuse not to try this beaut of a palette.

I got mine from Beautybay here. What do you think of this palette?

Much Love,

Bex X 

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October weigh in...

Hey guys,

Well it's the start of October and I'm pleased to say I lost 6lb in September!!! This brings my total to 2st 9lb! Yay! Only 5lb away from 3st which is crazy! 

I've had a funny month. Hormones all over the place and the urge to eat hit me harder this month and whilst I wasn't tucking into greasy take aways, I had a lot more of the naughtier good foods.

Exercise is still something I need to improve on! Big time! That being said I'm not over stressing about things. It took me years to get this fat, I can't change every bad habit in a few months. 

'Strive for progress, not perfection'

Speaking of progress. The pictures below are taken from two different thumbnails on my YouTube channel. The first one was in May and the second is September!
Small differences like this make me more determined to carry on! 

Anyway here's to another good month! Let's hope October brings me to the 3st mark!

Keep smiling guys!

Much Love,

Bex X

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Chop'd Manchester

Hey guys,

I was lucky enough to visit the new Chop'd salad bar in Manchester and they did not disappoint!

The premise of Chop'd is to *build a better salad* and the idea was born from the question, would I feed my child this?

The first Chop'd salad bar opened in London at Christmas time to admittedly some ridicule over who would eat salad especially when it's cold but 12 years later and with numerous shops around London, Chop'd has reached Manchester! 

Guys this place is amazing. The shop itself is light, airy and has a comfortable vibe. With a build your own counter and fridges packed with grab and go salads it's perfect for people on a health kick to those on the minutes.


The staff I met were very knowledgable and I like that they can tell you where the fruits, veg and proteins come from. Plus it's real produce with no added nasties. An apple is an apple and a tomato is a tomato. Good right?


I got to make my own salad creation and I was mega impressed with the selection! Think bigger than some wilted iceberg lettuce and soggy cucumber. Chop'd serves rice, pasta and cous cous, roasted veg to chickpeas, many more veggies and a variety of meats and cheeses! Add in nuts, seeds and herbs plus a variety of dressings and and I was spoilt for choice!


Prices are reasonable and even if you add extras it's not going to break the bank. Plus you will not need an afternoon snack once you've stuffed yourself full with a large box of goodness! Believe me! I was full after half a box!

To show how yummy my salad was. I had to wrestle my 11 month old nephew away from stealing my falafel pieces and the smoked salmon because people it was amazing.

Oh and this Savse Super Blue drink was delicious! Filled with fruits and veggies it was a naturally sweet drink with no added sugar! Winner.

Want to check Chop'd out? It's on Cross Street in Manchester! Go, order and enjoy. You can thank me later.

Let me know if you've visited Chop'd yet and what you think!

Much Love,

Bex X