Friday, 20 November 2015

Let's get electric!

Hey guys,

I know it's Autumn, it's the season for warm brown smokey eyes and deep plummy lips but my friends I'm going to share a palette with you that I'm absolutely loving regardless of seasonal colours.

Grab your sunglasses coz it's about to get bright. Neon bright ;)
Cue the fireworks and confetti. I give you the urban decay electric palette! :D

It's so bloody gorgeous! It's bright, it's funky, it's cool and many other adjective words to describe how awesome this set is.

The shadows feel very smooth and velvety. They do blend well, some fallout but just take your time adding more when using. A bright purple eye looks better when it's blended ;)

It's comes with a double ended brush to blend and smudge away. I love that it's got purple bristles :)

Nice chunky shadow brush to pack on pigment. Not the greatest to blend though.

I love the smaller detailed end. Great to add colour to the inner eye or lower lash line :)

Now I know it looks intimidating with it being so in your face but you can use these shadows to add pops of colour to an eye look. Try a navy blue eye with the bright gonzo in the middle or the bright green freak in the inner eye with darker greens and browns to tone it down. You could even make your own eye liners :D

Urban decay made a cracking palette that is electrifying with its pigmentation and quality. Oh and the packaging design doesn't disappoint either ;)

So this palette may have been out a while but it's new to me and I couldn't resist waxing lyrical about its neon awesomeness ;p 

What do you think? Have you got this beauty? 

Much Love,

Bex x

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