Friday, 13 November 2015

The Kat Von D Edit

Hello beauts,

Today I'm sharing my new Kat Von D goodies. I bought these from Sephora a month or so ago but I've been shite at posting, so here it is. Lol

I bought the Innerstellar palette which was a pricy one and I'm a bit blah about it. Don't get me wrong the colours are beautiful but I found some of the shadows powdery and I had loads of fallout with the shade next to the light purple.

Really is pretty, I just prefer my smoky palette. However I still wanted to share as you may love it :)

I decided to bite the bullet and bought a liquid lipstick. My lips usually don't play well with this formula and end up resembling a dried up old prune but I wanted to try a KVD one.

I decided on Lovesick which is a pinky mauve and I made sure to prep my lips. I actually like this brand for the liquid lippies. It wasn't as drying as others I've tried. So bonus! Lol. Just need to perfect my application now *sigh*

Finally the pièce de résistance is the KVD Mi Vida Loca lipstick set! What a beauty! Featuring a full size limited edition shade plus 7 mini's which include 2 new shades. This set is fabulous for those who want to try KVD studded lipsticks and experiment with different colours. 

Noble - a cute peach nude
Coven - lovely lavender/lilac
Halo - new - awesome orange with a slight metallic tint

Wolvesmouth - gorgeous burgundy with a frosty, metallic tint
Sexer - pretty neon, hot pink
Bachelorette - fabulous red toned pink

NaYeon - new - epic black with silver glitter! 
Gold Blooded - new limited edition festive red with gold glitter 
Lovesick - this is the swatch for the liquid lipstick. I added him at the end as he felt left out with all the lipsticks getting to pose ;) lol

Some shades did vary with pigmentation but I was able to build it up.

So that's my KVD bits and pieces. Whilst I'm on the fence about her shadows, I do think her lip products are beautiful. Oh and I do love her packaging!

What did you think? Have you tried any KVD?

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Oh my god those lipsticks are just gorgeous *heart eyes emoji*
    I Need some Kat von D in my life.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. They really are! You'll love them :D

      Bex x

  2. I seriously need to get my hands on KVD's makeup! Coven is such a beautiful colour :)

    1. I really love these lipsticks. Pigmentation is fab and they feel great on the lips :)

  3. NaYeon reminds me so much of MAC's 'Club' eyeshadow. Club has a bit more red reflective in though I think. I think that would be so cool as a lipstick though! Have you found that you've got much use out of it?

    So jelly. Can't believe I've only now just discovered Kat Von D! hahah - totally recommend Double Dare liquid lipstick!
    Hannah xx


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