Monday, 19 October 2015

When life gives you lemons...

Punch it in the nuts and go buy a lipstick ;p

Hey guys,

Long time no speak, had some shiz to sort out and haven't had the time or pizazz? Motivation? Brains? to post on the old blog here. 

Weight loss wise I'm a fucking failure. Pardon my French (sorry mum) but dieting is hard and when you have your hormonal, manic depressive brain telling you to give up its not worth it, things get tough.

Not going to lie, I've been eating shit and haven't exercised (erm its cold?) oops. Factor in feeling like a loser and you can sort of understand why I've hidden under the covers and played dead. Right? 

Anyway this post has got seriously depressing so I thought I'd mention how I'm working on new ways to snap out of my 'black moods' as they've now been christened and start getting myself in gear and on track (hmm why do I sound like a rally driver?) lol

On a positive side my beauty collection is getting enormous! At least my lipstick looks hot when I'm feeling blah ;) haha

Stay strong people and send positive vibes my way!

Much Love,

Bex x 

Ps got some cracking products to share with you all. Coming soooooon :) x

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  1. Sorry you've been having a tough time. Hope you manage to get back on track :-)


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