Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pink Parcel is back!

Hello peeps,

As you can tell I've started my period. Haha. At 28 I hope so, no I've restarted my Pink Parcel box again. I cancelled my box before as due to being erm fat, my periods stopped (kinda scary on a reproductive standpoint but fantastic in a 'I don't have to worry about aunt flow visiting' lol) 

Anyway Pink Parcel are a monthly subscription for your monthly. Full of everything you'll need for that time and some treats to make you smile because let's be honest it's not called monster week for nothing!

With a choice of tampons and pads from leading brands like Always, Bodyform and Tampax you're sure to find what you're looking for with the added bonus of choosing the ones that suit your flow. 

Since my last box, pink parcel have had a make over. Still full to the brim but now you get extras like a feminine hygiene product each month as well as your beauty and food treats. Winner.

Look at those goodies! Excuse the glare/blur my camera decided to be difficult and I didn't notice till editing the size *woe is me*

So this months PH (personal hygiene) product is a full size Sass intimate purifying cleanser to keep you feeling fresh in your nether region. 

The cool pink pot of gooey goodness is the bubble t bath/body jelly. This stuff smells awesome and looks like jelly (no Bex you can't eat it) ;)
Very fun item and will certainly make you smile through period pains and crazy hormones.

This months beauty bits were nice. A pack of halo eye make up remover wipes. Already a fan of this brand (I have the face wipes in my bag because you just never know when you'll need them) and fitting because the guys at pink parcel also included a mascara!

Dark Kohl mascara by Bourjois this looks super black. Has the funkiest wand, like the givenchy ball one on top of each other. Lol

Now no monthly prep would be complete without some chocolate and a hot brew. I'm more of a coffee girl myself but it's nice to try new things. 

A teabag from novus in Persian pomegranate and a bar of daisy & dam while chocolate with lemon, poppy seed and baobab. Yummy.

Finally my favourite part of a pretty impressive box is this amazing teapot pendant from the guys at This Material Culture.

I love this necklace and I feel it only fair to say that my name is now Jasmine because clearly this is real life Aladdin, right?? :D

Overall I'm stoked with my return to pink parcel box. The make over has only added to an already impressive box. It makes that time of the month not so blah, with essentials, beauty, food and jewellery to put a smile on your face.

Want your own box? Check out first box is only £7.95!

Much Love,

Bex x

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  1. This such a cute idea. Think Im definitely gonna have to sign up. Something to look forward to at that time of the month is an awesome idea
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise


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