Saturday, 26 September 2015

What are you doing woman?

Hi guys,

I'm having a blah time right now! Maybe it's hormonal, maybe I'm just a crybaby. I don't know, it's just blah.

Weight loss has sloooowwwweeeddd way down. The reason? I'm a greedy piggy who needs to say no! A trip to London plus family drama made a biscuit look so tasty and when I say biscuit? I mean the packet. Go hard or go home right?

The we have my insane spending lately! I mean I love make up, as you can tell from my babbling posts about the latest kiko lipstick or beauty box reveal but I have a pile of stuff to photograph (badly I might add) and in that pile is 5 eyeshadow palettes!! Not to mention the 3 I already have photos for, that I haven't got around to writing about yet (I'm eating biscuits, leave me alone!) ;)

That's 8 palettes!! I have one pair of eyes but I needed them and wanted them. I'm like a one woman beauty counter or wannabe beauty guru. Haha

Anyway I think I'm projecting. I do love the shiz I'm buying but on the other hand it's another way to hide away from the real issue. Which is my weight! I buy things to make me feel 'pretty' when in reality I feel ugly.

I'm unhappy being fat yet I continue to self sabotage! Is it the fear of failure or rejection? Is it stupidity? Laziness? I just don't know.

I went to M&M world whilst in London and took a picture near one of the statues (the girl one in the dress) and I have the same picture from 2012 (last time I went to London) yet the weight/size difference is shameful to me. 

It's so frustrating when the thing that holds you back is yourself. I hate being a moaning ninny with a 'feel sorry for me' attitude :(

I'm going to take some time to find that focus and drive that I started with in January. Most importantly? I'm going to put down the bloody biscuits!! 

Hope you're well guys! I have a beauty box post coming next so keep your eyes peeled! :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Eight palettes and one pair of eyes haha - woman after my own heart!

    Sarah x

  2. No such thing as too much makeup. Also biscuits are so hard to resist. Since getting back from France I have been seriously struggling to put the biscuits down so I totally get it. If you ever need anyone to vent to or for encouragement Im always here. Also you are in no way ugly. Weight difference or not you are still absolutely gorgeous <3
    Massive hugs
    Beth x
    Mermiad in Disguise


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