Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Trying Makeup Geek

Hi lovelies,

After talking to the lovely Sarah from sarahinwonderland about wanting to try makeup geek but not sure on international shipping and uk customs (I thought I'd get charged a fortune) I decided to just go for it!

For my first order I just got a few bits and pieces, to try them out and also see what delivery/customs is like. I'm pleased to say it was fine. I was panicking for no reason. 

Ta-Dar! Fabulous packaging and fast service. Makeup geek were impressive. For those not familiar with this brand the shadows come in pans do you will need a z-palette to store them.

I bought six regular shades in a mixture of matte, shimmer and sparkle. I only bought one foiled shadow as I have hooded lids so I wanted to see how they work before I go crazy for metallic.

Lastly I bought a pencil brush which is so tiny and just perfect! The pointed tip makes smudging under the eye a breeze and it's small enough to get some detail work in on the lid. Love it. 

So the shadows. Soft texture and I only had fall out with the darker shades, I'm a shadow beast so that could be me being too heavy handed. Lol

On to swatches!

How pretty? As you can see I have some transition shades plus some darker lid or crease shades. The pigmentation is just what I expected after so many rave reviews and videos.

Top row:

Peach smoothie: a matte peach which is a fabulous transition shade and the colour can be built up. I'm in love with this colour. Compared to other peach shadows this one can be seen on the lid.

Crème brûlée: a matte pale brown. Another great transition shade which can also be built up.

Barcelona beach: matte mauve type ashy grey shade. This is great to build up the transition shade and for paler people or those with cooler undertones (pink) this works as a good contour shade. 

Bottom row:

Caitlin Rose: foil shadow in a beautiful cool purple. This looks awesome on but I did have transfer with my lids again. I'm playing around with primers and application as I do dig this colour. Best part about buying this shade, is that Marlena (mug creator) donates to the Caitlin Rose foundation for every purchase of this foil beauty.

Bitten: matte burgundy. Beautiful outer corner/crease shade. This is perfect to darken a smokey eye if you don't want to keep using browns. It's a firm favourite of mine.

Razzleberry: this colour is amazing! Bright red with gold glitter. It's fun, edgy and perfect for Christmas. Love it! 

Last dance: shimmer shade in a red wine colour with flecks of red. Great colour. I found I needed a base to stop transfer from my stupid hooded lids. Cry me a river lol

So that's my mini makeup geek haul. I did get charged customs but it wasn't too bad and I will be definitely be buying more of these babies and the brushes, plus the new duo chromes look awesome! :D

I love this personal touch. So cute. Want to try mug, go check them out here www.makeupgeek.com

What do you think of my purchases? Good colour choices? 

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you love them! I told you :P I can't get enough of Bitten, I'm going to have to order another.

    Sarah | sarahinwonderland.co.uk <3

    1. I do!!! Thank you so much for enabling me ;) haha
      Bitten is fab! Perfect Christmas shade :D x

  2. I love the little note too - I think adding personal touches like that adds so much and makes the ordering process a lot more 'worth it' in my opinion :). Your swatches do look a little patchy for the darker shades - were they difficult to apply or has it just done that because you applied heavier than you would on an eye? I've heard a lot of raving reviews about MUG as a good alternative to MAC but ahhhhh I hate ordering online!! So happy you seem pleased with them though :) You deserve to treat yourself and be treated in return!
    Hannah xx

    1. Thanks lovely. The note is a great touch.
      I like these better than Mac if I'm being honest. I do understand the not wanting to order online, esp if you can't see the colours in person but I say go for it!
      Nah not patchy, it's my terrible swatching (my fingers had oil from a wipe on them) plus the hairs on my hand sometimes make shades look funny. Oops lol x

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