Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lash Attack with Quickmax

Hello lovelies,

I have a fabulous little product to share with you all today!! 

thicker, longer lashes,

Who wants fuller, longer lashes?? ME! Well I imagine most of us do and I've tried a product that claims to give you Fabulously longer looking, Fabulously fuller looking, Fabulously expressive lashes!

Big claims and I put them to the test! For the last month I've used *Quickmax every night after my cleansing routine. Easy to apply, just line your lashes like you would with a liner.

eyelash growth enhancer, lash serum

The results?!

Love it! My lashes are longer, not majorly but still a few extra millimetres is fine by me! Lol, they are definitely thicker and I noticed I didn't lose as many which gives me a fuller lash line and makes my eyes look awesome!

Not only were my lashes giving off an all natural falsies look but mascara went on so smooth and aided with the thicker, healthier lash made my eye look pop!

eye look, make up, mascara

I did try to snap a before and after picture but my lashes are really light strangely enough considering I have dark brows, so you can only see my fat eyelids *woe is me* 

The great thing about Quickmax is that it's safe to use (FDA approved lab) and is full of natural ingredients and enzymes that will strengthen your lashes and even has added hyaluronic acid which will condition and moisturise the skin around them. Good right?

Want to try this lash marvel? Check out stylelux and give it a whirl! I'm already a fan of the blackhead killers (review here) and this product was the icing on a very tasty cake ;)

I will point out that this is a pricy product at £49.99 but it's still half the price of a similar product on the market sooo swings and roundabouts people!

Plus sometimes the guys at stylelux have a sale on, so you never know, you could grab a bargain :D

What do you think of the concept of this product? Has anyone else tried this? Love to hear from you :)

Much Love,

Bex x

*this post contains a PR product, however all opinions are my own

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