Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gadgets and weight loss!

Hey guys,

So I got weighted on Tuesday (I'm a terrible blogger for not getting this wrote in a timely fashion) haha

Anyway the month of August yielded a loss of 5lb. Pretty good as I had a weekend break and I may have erm ate some things that had a higher calorie count than I should have touched, especially in large quantities. Oops

But joking aside I'm making a conscious decision to basically stop dicking around with my weight loss. I wanted to have lost more by now but life and a lack of will power on my part slowed that train down! 

So with this new mindset, I've only gone and got myself a Fitbit Flex! Woohoo! Let the step count begin people! Not only will this give me a bigger incentive to walk more (who doesn't like seeing their numbers grow?!) but I can set myself daily/weekly goals which will show my achievements and if I need to improve. Good right? :D

I got mine from Littlewoods with my rewards (each time you pay your bill, you earn rewards money) plus I used a coupon with 10% off so even better! 

The best part?! It's PINK!!!! :D

What can I say?! The girly girl in me loves the colour and the budding fitness enthusiast digs the push its giving me! Winner!

To all those on their own journey! Let's kick Septembers butt people!

Much Love,

Bex x

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