Sunday, 20 September 2015

Take a Joyride with me

Hello peeps,

Now before you start thinking I'm turning into a teenage boy with his first car, I'm not. Today I'm sharing a fabulous hair product that's just been launched and people? It's worth it!

balm to powder hair primer

Bed Head by TIGI have created the first powder primer balm or PP Balm to prime, defrizz and add texture to your hair and I was lucky enough to grab a sample of this bad boy.

I give you Joyride! :D

a hair balm that primes, defizzes and smoothes

Now when I first heard about this wonder powder formula, I had a mad panic thinking it was a talc like product and I'd end up looking like a crazy person who had a fight with the self raising flour.

However I'm pleased to tell you this product is a balm to powder miracle! It feels like a face primer, that velvety feel, kinda like Benefits porefessional but once you rub it through your hair it leaves it soft and smooth with a slightly matte appearance.

It doesn't look greasy which is always a fear with hair products and you get the subtle powder effect, like a dry shampoo leaves but way better. After this has settled, you can style away for that messy, just got out of bed look ;)

Since trying this product I noticed that my hair lasted way better in between washes. I'll admit I'm lazy and sometimes I can't be bothered washing my hair. It's thick so takes agessss! Lol. As you can guess, I'm beyond pleased that Joyride gives my hair that extra boost! :D

Oh and guys? This stuff smells awesome!!! A fruity, sweet smell which I love! It can be applied on damp and dry hair and you don't need a lot, so go easy when applying then go style crazy :D

Want to try this hair marvel out? You can buy Joyride from select salons/stockists or sign up here. If you do try Joyride let me know what you think.

Much Love,

Bex x
*This post contains a PR sample. As always the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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