Monday, 14 September 2015

Battle of the Glitters!

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my pressed glitter pigments with you today as they are amazing! A pressed pigment that is like glitter without the mess you say? Winner!

a pressed glitter pigment without the mess

The reason it's a battle? Well two are from a limited edition collection, which straight away gets the beauty obsessed girl inside me jumping around demanding I buy them all! I mean, it's limited edition!!

But as I ordered these online I'd obviously not swatched them, imagine my surprise and glee when I realised they were similar, if not the same as another brands product which isn't limited edition! Yay! Happy dance!

For those who follow Mac's collections, you'll know all about the Le Disko collection with the fabulous dazzleshadows, these make up marvels sold out quick time but I managed to grab a few. Let's Dance - a peach colour with pink reflex and Can't stop, won't stop - a purple with pinky purple/blue reflex.

a limited edition pressed pigment that adds glitter

These are great shadows, you do get some fall out depending on how much you pack on your brush. Using your finger is a great way to apply as well and let's be honest, a glitter eyeshadow is always going to rock a look ;)

Next I have the fabulous Moondust by Urban Decay in the shade Solstice. A beautiful duo chrome that looks green, blue, brown and any other colour you catch. Lol. But seriously it's a brilliant shade as depending on the base you use will take on different colours. 

solstice is a beautiful duo chrome pressed glitter shdow

As you can see all these are beauties! I also think the packaging on the Urban Decay is super cute and edgy.

Whilst you can go bare with them, I would recommend a base, to help them stay put and if you use a coloured base that will really make these pop!

In terms of the glitter winner? I can't really fault either brand or product. It's a brilliant idea, it's not as messy and you can be versatile with usage to create many looks but Urban Decay kinda gain points with the fact the Moondust shadows are a continual line, unlike Mac's limited edition range. Oh and they were cheaper than Mac too! 

these are the differnet glitters you can get in a pressed pigment

Missed out on the dazzleshadows? Check out the Moondust ones and go crazy my glitter friends :D

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Oh my God. I love them all, I need these in my life with all the festivities coming up!



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