Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Absolute Ultra Slick Lipsticks by Nicka K

Hello beauts,

I have a treat for you guys!! I was lucky enough to get chosen by the lovely guys at Beauty Crowd to try some lipsticks by the brand absolute :D

Interesting fact: this brand is made by the same peeps who make Nicka K. Learn something every day right? ;)
When browsing the shade range I was spoilt for choice! So many colours from pinks and reds to quirky ones like blue and gold.
Now I'm not shy about a bright lip so I thought to myself 'why not try a funky colour?' Soo I did!! 

I chose the shades Dynamic a metallic purple and Amazing which is such a cool teal green shade! Very different, very out there!


I actually thought the purple shade was a bronzey brown when I decided on that one. The online swatches were a bit off but never fear, I still love it.

Ok on to the lipsticks!

Very nice to use. The purple was easier to apply, more of a creamy formula. My only vice was it didn't play well when trying to fill in my lip line. It kept sheering out but I was able to build up the colour. Has a satin finish and feels nice on the lips.


The teal was quite a dry formula. Not a matte, matte and it didn't pull on the lips but you could feel the difference. Very pigmented, especially when you compare to the purple. I would recommend using a lip brush to get your lip line straight as this bad boy packs a punch with the colour payoff! 


Look how amazing those are on the lips!!! The teal is just an awesome shade and I felt like a mermaid! Lol. Whilst the purple was a wearable 'quirky' colour which looks really pretty :)

Now before those of you who fear retro lipsticks get all upset (yes mum, I mean you!), the absolute lipsticks do come in your mainstream shades. All of which look great from the online swatches! 

Want to try these absolute bad boys out? Haha see what I did there? *giggles like a schoolgirl* Check out the awesome www.beautycrowd.com and go wild! At only £3.95 they're affordable and worth it!

What do you think of my colour choices? ;)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I love the teal! Don't think I could pull it off but I love that colour :)

    Katie | www.katieangela.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It's amazing right? I love it, makes a great Halloween shade :) x

  2. that purple shade is gorgeous!



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