Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Selfridges Summer Beauty Box

Hey guys,

I am terrible!! I'm so behind on getting my posts out in a timely fashion!

I was a bit unsure if I should post this as summers been and gone but then I thought whilst you might not grab this set, if there's anything you like you can just grab that seperate? Yes? No? 

The box itself is truly amazing as its crammed with such fabulous brands and products. From lipstick and setting sprays to face sheets and bobbles. It has a bit of everything.

Tangle Teaser in fabulous colours. Good brush but I've got a paddle brush which works the same. Only paid a quid for mine at Wilkos. Can I say bargain! Lol

Ribband knot ties. Cute pastel shades which were perfect for summer (oops) I am loving this style of bobble.

Nail inc gel effect polish called Chiltern Street. It's a beautiful pale pink shade. I'm getting quite a collection of the gel effect nails which is great! 

James Reed gradual tan. I'm pale and proud (aka lazy) so I gave this to a friend.

Clarins eau des jardins body cream. This was another product I passed on. Scent was too much for me. Nice formula though.

Rodial Dragons blood sculpting gel. Shameful to say but I still haven't tried this *hides face*

CaudalĂ­e grape water. This stuff is life! Feels so refreshing and sprays like a hair spray not a cleaning fluid. Lol. Perfect to refresh or even add that dewy finish to your make up.

Starskin second skin facial mask. Cool little product, the sheet mask. You look crazy (think Michael Myers) but you'll have fabulous skin after using this, especially if it's the day after a late night and your skins looking a bit dull ;)

Starskin foaming peeling perfection puff. Great to exfoliate away all those nasties on the face from clogged pores to dead skin cells. Leaves you looking brighter :)

I was super excited for these make up beauties!

Urban decay deslick setting spray. Perfect for us oily peeps to keep the shine at bay. We want our highlight to glow, not glisten and this will give us the radiant finish we want.

Eyeko fat liner. This has a felt tip style applicator and is best compared to a marker pen. You'll definitely create crazy thick eye lines with this!

The last two make up products are awesome! A mini Nars lipgloss in orgasm (my mum was scandalised at the name) which is a shimmery peachy shade and a full size illamasqua glamore lipstick in Luster which is bright barbie pink! Gorgeous!!

These are lovely on the lips (not at the same time as the colours would look odd) ;)

Finally all this came in a fabulous bag from Alphabet Bags and it's perfect for traveling.

So that's my box. Again if you're reading this thinking 'bitch, why you late with this info' I've left links to each product so if any catches your eye, you can take a look :)

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Beauty Box for Bloggers

Hello beauts,

view of the blogger beauty box lid and logo with a maoam sweet

I had a nightmare getting this post up so apologises to Vix and the brands for my lateness. All my pics were weird when I went to edit them soooo there's me trying to grab each item from various parts of my room to redo. The joys of technology people!

This is the second blogger beauty box created by fellow blogger Vix and whilst it wasn't quite as good as her debut box, I think she did well especially as a few brands let her down at the last minute. 

sniffy wiffy hand cream. yes to face wipes and yours tuely organic face serum

The first thing I saw when I opened my box was the YES to wipes as the packaging is awesome! I looove the colour and it's a pretty good pack to have in my bag (FYI keeping wet wipes in your bag is a life saver if you're a swatch fiend! Lol) great to try this brand out.

A sample of the Sniffy Wiffy Hand cream in lemongrass and lime which smells amazing!!! Like sherbet lemons! I wanted to lick my hand but that would be strange and probably not taste good soo yeah ;)

Moving on. I was happy to see a sample of the Yours Truely Organics Fix Me Serum. This stuff looks good and I'm on a serum kick at the moment so I love trying new ones :D

Finally we got some fab lip products! I love me some lippie (as you may notice from my various lipstick posts) and these are gorgeous! 

A gorgeous berry shade from the ever impressive Makeup Revolution called Rebel with Cause. Already a fan of this brand and this colour is perfect for Autumn (or whenever you want to rock it!) it's a beautiful shade and these bad boys only cost a quid each! That's one pound! 100 tiny pennies! Bargain buy right here!

Lastly in the box was this beautiful coral lipgloss from the brand Beautiful Movements Cosmetics in the shade gypsy spirit.
Never heard of them before so I was beyond pleased to try this beauty out and it's a lovely gloss.
Slight tacky feeling but not like the Mac lipglass's so it's wearable. 

So thats my blogger beauty box complete. Nice mix of products and new brands to try. What do you think of my goodies?

Want your own box? You can tweet Vix and the Beauty Blogger Box on Twitter or check out the website here :)

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 26 September 2015

What are you doing woman?

Hi guys,

I'm having a blah time right now! Maybe it's hormonal, maybe I'm just a crybaby. I don't know, it's just blah.

Weight loss has sloooowwwweeeddd way down. The reason? I'm a greedy piggy who needs to say no! A trip to London plus family drama made a biscuit look so tasty and when I say biscuit? I mean the packet. Go hard or go home right?

The we have my insane spending lately! I mean I love make up, as you can tell from my babbling posts about the latest kiko lipstick or beauty box reveal but I have a pile of stuff to photograph (badly I might add) and in that pile is 5 eyeshadow palettes!! Not to mention the 3 I already have photos for, that I haven't got around to writing about yet (I'm eating biscuits, leave me alone!) ;)

That's 8 palettes!! I have one pair of eyes but I needed them and wanted them. I'm like a one woman beauty counter or wannabe beauty guru. Haha

Anyway I think I'm projecting. I do love the shiz I'm buying but on the other hand it's another way to hide away from the real issue. Which is my weight! I buy things to make me feel 'pretty' when in reality I feel ugly.

I'm unhappy being fat yet I continue to self sabotage! Is it the fear of failure or rejection? Is it stupidity? Laziness? I just don't know.

I went to M&M world whilst in London and took a picture near one of the statues (the girl one in the dress) and I have the same picture from 2012 (last time I went to London) yet the weight/size difference is shameful to me. 

It's so frustrating when the thing that holds you back is yourself. I hate being a moaning ninny with a 'feel sorry for me' attitude :(

I'm going to take some time to find that focus and drive that I started with in January. Most importantly? I'm going to put down the bloody biscuits!! 

Hope you're well guys! I have a beauty box post coming next so keep your eyes peeled! :)

Much Love,

Bex x

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cohorted's Box of Beauty

Hello lovelies,

Hope you're all well. I'm sharing another box from the fabulous :)

Brace yourself people! It's a winner! Filled with a full size eyeshadow palette, a lip crayon from an iconic brand and some body stuff to keep you smelling gorgeous! September's box was epic!

On opening the box I immediate zoned in on the Nude Tude palette from thebalm. This thing retails for £35!! 
Full of pigmented shimmers and mattes to create the perfect neutral smoky eye, this product was an awesome addition to this months box.

To tie in thebalm and eye products. Cohorted included a sample of thebalm's put a lid on it eyelid primer. I'm always happy to try primers so it's a great product to include.

I'll admit that when I saw the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, I squealed like a kid. I mean it's Nars! 
Retail price of £19 in the shade Walkyrie which is a pinky brown colour. Nice nude which coincides with this months theme of naturals.
This formula is amazing in the lips. Easy to apply and has a creamy feel (hence the velvet in the title) yet leaves a matte finish. 
I have dry lips so usually mattes don't play nice with me but this didn't feel drying and looked good :D

Finally you got two bath/body products. A Gucci shower gel and a Molton Brown bath and body wash. Both smell nice, however I'm loyal to my dove so I gave these to my mum :)

Overall I think Cohorted have proven once again why they win in the surprise beauty box award and show why it's worth the fight to secure your own box! I paid £19.99 for a box worth over £70. I'm beyond pleased I got to grab some cool products at a bargain price.

Now these babies sell out quick! Want to try your luck? Check Cohorted out. They usually release more of the coming months box on the 1st. But I did receive an email about a new launch of beauty boxes including new subscription ones! This is exciting and is said to go live on the 1st so it may be a different deal than what was done previously, in regards to grabbing October's box.

Make a date in your diary people! The 1st of October is going to be an awesome day! :D

Much Love,

Bex x

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Take a Joyride with me

Hello peeps,

Now before you start thinking I'm turning into a teenage boy with his first car, I'm not. Today I'm sharing a fabulous hair product that's just been launched and people? It's worth it!

balm to powder hair primer

Bed Head by TIGI have created the first powder primer balm or PP Balm to prime, defrizz and add texture to your hair and I was lucky enough to grab a sample of this bad boy.

I give you Joyride! :D

a hair balm that primes, defizzes and smoothes

Now when I first heard about this wonder powder formula, I had a mad panic thinking it was a talc like product and I'd end up looking like a crazy person who had a fight with the self raising flour.

However I'm pleased to tell you this product is a balm to powder miracle! It feels like a face primer, that velvety feel, kinda like Benefits porefessional but once you rub it through your hair it leaves it soft and smooth with a slightly matte appearance.

It doesn't look greasy which is always a fear with hair products and you get the subtle powder effect, like a dry shampoo leaves but way better. After this has settled, you can style away for that messy, just got out of bed look ;)

Since trying this product I noticed that my hair lasted way better in between washes. I'll admit I'm lazy and sometimes I can't be bothered washing my hair. It's thick so takes agessss! Lol. As you can guess, I'm beyond pleased that Joyride gives my hair that extra boost! :D

Oh and guys? This stuff smells awesome!!! A fruity, sweet smell which I love! It can be applied on damp and dry hair and you don't need a lot, so go easy when applying then go style crazy :D

Want to try this hair marvel out? You can buy Joyride from select salons/stockists or sign up here. If you do try Joyride let me know what you think.

Much Love,

Bex x
*This post contains a PR sample. As always the opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Shopping at Wilkos and trying new brands

Hey lovelies,

I had a mini shopping trip a month or so ago. Finally getting it up on here!

I don't normally shop in Wilkos, I'm an Asda girl if I need my toiletries but when I found out that they stock Essence Make Up I had to go have a nosy.

make up products from eye stuff to foundation

Eek I bought some good lil bits if I do say so myself.

Starting with Essence (the reason I finally entered the doors of Wilkos!) and I picked up a super thin felt tip eyeliner (look how sharp that point is!)

a super thin liner to create the perfect winged liner

Plus an eyeshadow set which were metallic/satin type shades, xxxl lipgloss, and the I love stage eye base.

a mix of products from essence include eye primer, shadow, lipgloss and liner

First off the eyeshadow base is amazing! I'm in love with the formula and I think it was around £2.50 so super affordable. The liner is fab as its so thin and sharp. Eyeliner on fleek? Yassss. Hahaha. 

The lipgloss is nice, not amazing but nice and the colour is more sheer than it looks in the tube. Sadly the shadows were a bit of a flop for me. Swatched good on my hand but when trying to apply them on the lids the colour payoff is rubbish in my opinion. Shame really but only a couple of quid so I'm not crying into my salad. Lol.

match perfection foundation and eyeliner brush from wilkos

Next I bought an liner brush, no real reason I just liked the pink. Lol. The foundation is the Rimmel Match Perfection which I will be doing a review on but so far it's a thumbs up from me! :)

false lashes and fancy brush holder from wilkos

Finally I found these pen holders which  are perfect for my brushes plus look cute and I bought some false lashes only £1 each which is cheap as chips, as I'm trying to practice applying them. Still a work in progress. But I will soldier on! Ha

I did buy a paddle brush as well for only £1 (no picture as its now full of hair which looks yack lol) I will say, it's the best brush I've used and I have the original tangle teaser! Winner! 

Overall I bought some pretty nice bits from Wilkos. I think my trip was a success and I've found some new products which I love!

Have you bought any goodies from Wilkos lately? Want to you think of Essence?

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Battle of the Glitters!

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my pressed glitter pigments with you today as they are amazing! A pressed pigment that is like glitter without the mess you say? Winner!

a pressed glitter pigment without the mess

The reason it's a battle? Well two are from a limited edition collection, which straight away gets the beauty obsessed girl inside me jumping around demanding I buy them all! I mean, it's limited edition!!

But as I ordered these online I'd obviously not swatched them, imagine my surprise and glee when I realised they were similar, if not the same as another brands product which isn't limited edition! Yay! Happy dance!

For those who follow Mac's collections, you'll know all about the Le Disko collection with the fabulous dazzleshadows, these make up marvels sold out quick time but I managed to grab a few. Let's Dance - a peach colour with pink reflex and Can't stop, won't stop - a purple with pinky purple/blue reflex.

a limited edition pressed pigment that adds glitter

These are great shadows, you do get some fall out depending on how much you pack on your brush. Using your finger is a great way to apply as well and let's be honest, a glitter eyeshadow is always going to rock a look ;)

Next I have the fabulous Moondust by Urban Decay in the shade Solstice. A beautiful duo chrome that looks green, blue, brown and any other colour you catch. Lol. But seriously it's a brilliant shade as depending on the base you use will take on different colours. 

solstice is a beautiful duo chrome pressed glitter shdow

As you can see all these are beauties! I also think the packaging on the Urban Decay is super cute and edgy.

Whilst you can go bare with them, I would recommend a base, to help them stay put and if you use a coloured base that will really make these pop!

In terms of the glitter winner? I can't really fault either brand or product. It's a brilliant idea, it's not as messy and you can be versatile with usage to create many looks but Urban Decay kinda gain points with the fact the Moondust shadows are a continual line, unlike Mac's limited edition range. Oh and they were cheaper than Mac too! 

these are the differnet glitters you can get in a pressed pigment

Missed out on the dazzleshadows? Check out the Moondust ones and go crazy my glitter friends :D

Much Love,

Bex x

Friday, 11 September 2015

Cohorted's Beauty Box of Wow

Hello lovelies,

Ever wanted something so bad you'd sell your mother to get it? Ok I'm being slightly dramatic (haha) but today I'm talking about the illustrious and highly coveted Cohorted Beauty Box! 

For those not aware is an online store that sells beauty stuff including high end brands, at a lower price! 

With previous boxes featuring brands like Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Too Faced and Cargo you know this box is worth the mad rush to turn on your computer or laptop, so you're ready and waiting at 6pm to snatch one of these bad boys!

I'm pleased to say I finally snagged one and it was worth the crazy dash through rush hour traffic to get home before take off or 6 o'clock ;) 

Packed in a sleek black box with a lovely organza bow to tie it all together! I was beyond excited to open this up and check out my goodies!

Eek how great was my box! :D

St Tropez Gradual Tan Firming Plus Lotion rrp £20. This nifty tan is a 4in1 wonder. Think tan, tone, firm and moisturising in one bottle! Nice. I'm not really a big self tanner but I'm super intrigued by this multifaceted product :)

Gucci Guilty Black shower gel £7.50 (50ml's) This is a lovely body wash. It does have a deep scent whereas I'm more soft florals and fruity tones but it lathers up well. Lovely to try.

Nail inc matte polish £11 in shade Gatwick. This is a cool polish. Goes on smooth and shiny yet sets totally matte! Impressed much? Haha. Only thing I'll say is that imperfections show more with this formula but it's still a great one to try.

Finally the best part of this box was this fabulous Snow White & the Huntsman set from Diego Dalla Palma £25
This was great and whilst it's not a new product as the film was out a while ago, I'm really impressed with the quality of this brand!

Set in this compact little set is 6 eye shadows, a lipstick and an eyeliner with a  big mirror included, so it's great for travel.

Beautiful neutral shades in mattes and frosts, where you can go subtle or full on smokey eyed especially paired with the black eye liner in Dark Night. The pigmentation is fantastic (the below swatch of the frosty shades in Snow, Shield and Mirror Mirror, are one swipe) and such lovely colours.

Then the beautiful red lipstick in The Wicked Queen *holds up hands* it's the perfect red with slight pink undertones. I love this colour and it's a creamy formula that glides on the lips perfectly.

Not only is this a fabulous set but the shade names tie in the palette with the film perfectly :)

So that's my first Cohorted Beauty Box. With products totalling over £60 I'd say it's worth the £19.99 to buy plus you get the added buzz of knowing you fought tooth and nail (ok you repeatedly pressed refresh on your pc) to get it! ;)

Fancy your own box? The next time to get your hands on the August box is 1st August at 6pm but there's a limited amount so move fast! Check it out here and happy shopping guys! Let the games begin ;)

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gadgets and weight loss!

Hey guys,

So I got weighted on Tuesday (I'm a terrible blogger for not getting this wrote in a timely fashion) haha

Anyway the month of August yielded a loss of 5lb. Pretty good as I had a weekend break and I may have erm ate some things that had a higher calorie count than I should have touched, especially in large quantities. Oops

But joking aside I'm making a conscious decision to basically stop dicking around with my weight loss. I wanted to have lost more by now but life and a lack of will power on my part slowed that train down! 

So with this new mindset, I've only gone and got myself a Fitbit Flex! Woohoo! Let the step count begin people! Not only will this give me a bigger incentive to walk more (who doesn't like seeing their numbers grow?!) but I can set myself daily/weekly goals which will show my achievements and if I need to improve. Good right? :D

I got mine from Littlewoods with my rewards (each time you pay your bill, you earn rewards money) plus I used a coupon with 10% off so even better! 

The best part?! It's PINK!!!! :D

What can I say?! The girly girl in me loves the colour and the budding fitness enthusiast digs the push its giving me! Winner!

To all those on their own journey! Let's kick Septembers butt people!

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lash Attack with Quickmax

Hello lovelies,

I have a fabulous little product to share with you all today!! 

thicker, longer lashes,

Who wants fuller, longer lashes?? ME! Well I imagine most of us do and I've tried a product that claims to give you Fabulously longer looking, Fabulously fuller looking, Fabulously expressive lashes!

Big claims and I put them to the test! For the last month I've used *Quickmax every night after my cleansing routine. Easy to apply, just line your lashes like you would with a liner.

eyelash growth enhancer, lash serum

The results?!

Love it! My lashes are longer, not majorly but still a few extra millimetres is fine by me! Lol, they are definitely thicker and I noticed I didn't lose as many which gives me a fuller lash line and makes my eyes look awesome!

Not only were my lashes giving off an all natural falsies look but mascara went on so smooth and aided with the thicker, healthier lash made my eye look pop!

eye look, make up, mascara

I did try to snap a before and after picture but my lashes are really light strangely enough considering I have dark brows, so you can only see my fat eyelids *woe is me* 

The great thing about Quickmax is that it's safe to use (FDA approved lab) and is full of natural ingredients and enzymes that will strengthen your lashes and even has added hyaluronic acid which will condition and moisturise the skin around them. Good right?

Want to try this lash marvel? Check out stylelux and give it a whirl! I'm already a fan of the blackhead killers (review here) and this product was the icing on a very tasty cake ;)

I will point out that this is a pricy product at £49.99 but it's still half the price of a similar product on the market sooo swings and roundabouts people!

Plus sometimes the guys at stylelux have a sale on, so you never know, you could grab a bargain :D

What do you think of the concept of this product? Has anyone else tried this? Love to hear from you :)

Much Love,

Bex x

*this post contains a PR product, however all opinions are my own