Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Spectrum Collections Brushes

Hello lovelies,

I have another brush post!! Now get ready because these are the most beautiful brushes I've ever seen. We're talking full on colourful, girly unicorn, mermaid magic!! :D

Let me introduce to you, Spectrum Collections Eye Brush Set *cue the fireworks* ta dah! My shoddy photos don't do them justice!

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PINK!!!! Can we appreciate the pink!! Beautiful painted wood handles with the Spectrum name in silver. These are such lovely brushes to look at, let alone use!

I bought the 8 piece eye set which included fluffy blending, shadow and pencil to smudge, angled crease and contour brushes. I would have like to see a more pointed tapered brush but overall this set really did offer a good range so you can create the perfect eye look.

I love the bristles!! The blue and purple ombré is just perfection to me, add in the pink handles and I was in brush heaven!

Now it's all well and good to look pretty but did they work?? Fear not my make up loving friends, these bad boys are actually really great brushes. Fluffy or dense they did what I wanted, from packing on pigment to blending harsh lines, all whilst feeling super soft and being gentle on the sensitive eye area. Winner! 

The bonus of owning these beauties? They look awesome on display!! Useful, pretty and versatile. With the added benefit of being vegan, cruelty free and with synthetic bristles, these are an overall winner to me.

Imagine Stephen Hawkin's brain, Jason Statham's body and Chris Hemsworth's face all rolled into one. Perfect right? Well that's what Spectrum Collections has created. The perfect mix of lovely packaging and a quality product. Boom! 

Also the company is very sweet! They even included a hand written note with my order :) 

I love this touch and my brushes all came in this cute purple pouch. Actually a great travel idea to keep the brushes compact and together.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new loves. I had to share as they are so gorgeous, it's a crime to hide them away ;)

My set only cost £29.99! That's like £3.75 per brush, which does the job and looks amazing!

Fancy checking out Spectrum Collections? Give them a look here and prepare to fall in love!

I'm now off to drool over the face brushes! Lol. Speak soon guys!

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Wow this pictures are fab, I love these brushes and featured them on my blog too :D xx

    1. Thank you! It was actually your post that made me find them and fall in love! So big, huge thanks from me!!! :D x

  2. They are soooo pretty xxxxxx I need to have some of those!

    1. Soooooo pretty! You will love the others on the site :) x

  3. The brushes look amazing...especially the 2 colored bristles of the brushes have raise their grace. Love your detail review.
    ❁ ❊ Kanwalikram's Blog ❊ ❁

    1. Thank you. The two tone bristles are amazing and the brushes are great to use and look so fab! x

  4. I want these sooooo much, I'm definitely putting them on my Christmas list as I'm being good until then! Just love how colourful they are x

    1. So worth it lovely, not just pretty packaging but good brushes as well :D x

  5. Oh my god I need these in my life. They are so gorgeous
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. You do need them!! Check out the mermaid set, simply beautiful :D x


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