Saturday, 8 August 2015

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Box

Hey guys,

I'm slightly late with this post due to photography issues. Basically I had no light and I'm shite at taking pictures! Haha.

Anyway I'd like to introduce you to this lil beauty from Prairie Charms (I did this post on my mystery bag) who are a cute UK boutique and they sell handmade accessories that even the most straight laced girl or guy will love! 

How cute was my box?! Each box will have a theme and July's box was 'festival' which as its festival season kinda made sense. I like their thinking!

My box came wrapped up all cute with funky tape and my favourite coloured tissue paper! :D

On to what I got!

From a hair wrap, clip and Aztec headband to a pendant, bracelet and faux leather hair bow. This box had some fabulous lil pieces to really jazz up your look!

How cute are the knot tie bobbles?! Unicorns people!! Unicorns!! *love*

Now not only did you get enough cute items to look like a festival goddess but they included some quirky bits and pieces that just made me smile!

Whilst I'm not overly keen on the tattoo thingies, I thought the straws were cool and the popping corn and bags, a cute touch :)

Yes I made my own popcorn and although I may have 'slightly' burnt the pan (FYI they pop fast!) I still think this was a fun touch to include. Plus how good to my bags look?? Can anyway see popcorn attendant in my future?? I think so too! Haha.

Overall a really nice idea. I probably wouldn't get one every month but it's definitely a new twist on the subscription box. The lovely people at Prairie Charms are selling the whole pizza box (get it? Pizzazz?? Haha) for £20 :)

The next box is due out soon! If you fancy trying one out just give the lovely @PrairieCharms a tweet using #PrairiePizzazz on Twitter! Oh and say hey from me! 

Have a fabulous day guys!!!

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I haven't heard of Prairie Charms until now. What a cute little box, love the added touch of the popping corn!

    I got your link via 30plusblogs and wanted to stop by and say hello!

    Carrie xx

    1. It's a cute box :)

      ooh that's great, i'll take a look x


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