Monday, 17 August 2015

A few bits from Kiko Cosmetics

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my new loves from Kiko Cosmetics. I'm a huge fan of this brand and I hope one day they open a store in Manchester! 

I was checking my emails and saw one from Kiko with a code offering free express shipping. Obviously I needed to take advantage. Am I right? ;)

Soooo what did I buy?

Only a small shop as I'm on a self imposed shopping ban (I have debts to pay off and another eyeshadow palette won't help me with that! Haha) but I love what I got!

I bought three of the Long Lasting Stick  eyeshadows, as I've seen use them in her videos ( I thought why not? Plus I got these in the sale so half price I think :D

These are fabulous to use! Very creamy so they glide on the lid with no tugging and the colours are pigmented! I went with a peach shade 21, a burgundy shade 37 and shade 36 which I thought was lilac but looks more pinky with gold flecks. All really pretty and the packaging reminds me of Nars :)

The main part of this online shopping experience was to grab a few bits from the new Rebel Romantic Collection. The packaging is very Charlotte Tilbury but without the price tag. Simply gorgeous :)

I went for the Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in this gorgeous rose pink shade 02 and the amazing deep pink lipstick, shade 05 from the Intensely Lavish range. Beyond impressed with the colour payoff and can we appreciate the details!

How beautiful is that colour?! :D

Really lovely formula, creamy and goes on the lips so smooth its like angels are anointing you! Yes a wax lyrical about make up! Sue me! ;) Haha.

I also bought a lip liner from the Smart range in shade 709, as you can see from the tag along swatch with the shadow sticks and whilst I didn't get it to go with this lipstick, it's actually a perfect match! Happy dance!!! :)

Sooo that's my mini 'haul' from Kiko Cosmetics! Like I said before, I love this brand. It's affordable and they have quality products. Do check out the smart lippies as well :)

Fancy a browse? Here you go oh and you might want to apologise to your bank manager, believe me you will want it all. Lol. You're welcome! ;)

What do you think of my goodies? Anything I should check out? 

Much love,

Bex x

PS: Free express shipping available using code: FREEUPS ends 23rd August 2015! One more reason to go grab a bargain :D


  1. 37 looks soo SO beautiful lik whaaaaa-?! I have a kiko nearby, but I don't know I just get so intimidated by their MAC like but not MAC layout haha! Their eye shadows with the wave design are absolutely stunning though so maybe its a good think I haven't yet ventured in there as I can see myself buying them all haha! Would you say they're work the money quality an longevity wise?
    Hannah xx

    1. It's definitely a colour you'd gravitate to lovely. I've never been to a store as the closest to me is Leeds, which is like a 90 minute drive. woe is me.
      I'd say the longevity is great for the shadow sticks and powder shadows. Lipsticks are fab, I do need to touch up but I do with expensive ones as well. They feel lovely on the lips if that helps :) x

  2. I really need some of those eyeshadow sticks. They look amazing. That lipstick is also gorgeous. I love their packaging
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. You need to order some!! They seem to do a few sales and if you sign up for the newsletter you'll get coupons for money off or free shipping :) x


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