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10 tips and tricks to get you back exercising

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I'm very excited to welcome Dan Holloway from Simply Supplements who's jotted down some helpful advice to either get you started or get back on the horse (so to speak lol) with exercise. Even I want to up my game after reading his post! :D 

Admit it; it’s been months since you last laced up your running shoes, years since you did a press-up. Exercise for you consists of walking to the fridge and lifting the TV remote from the coffee table. But this is all about to change! It’s time to put down the cream cake and pick up the water bottle, swap the couch for the rowing machine and get in the best shape of your life... Not quite that easy is it? Changing a habit can be incredibly hard and that is exactly what a sedentary lifestyle is – a habit. It can be broken and you can swap the lazy life for the lifting life. Feel more energized, look better and generally improve your health. We know this transition can be hard so here are 10 tips and tricks to get you back to regular exercise.

 #10 – Start off easy If you haven’t exercised for a while, don’t push yourself too hard to begin with as there’s nothing more likely to put you off exercise than working too hard, leaving you a gasping sweaty mess on the floor. Don’t expect a miracle Rocky montage your very first trip. Take it slow, get to know the equipment or if you aren’t joining a gym, simply go for a short jog, broken up by periods of walking if needed. 

 #9 – Commit to 30 days Make a commitment to do some form of exercise (even just a walk), every day for 30 days. This will hopefully solidify the exercise habit and get rid of the chronic laziness habit! Make the commitment and take the pressure of deciding whether or not go off your chest. 

#8 – Mix it up Even the most elite athletes will sometimes tell you that exercise can be pretty dull. This is why it’s important to mix up your routine, especially at the start of your journey to get fit. Run one day, bike another. Then go to a group exercise class or join a sports club. All this variation not only keeps your body guessing, so you progressing (like the rhyme?), but also keeps your attention and stops you getting bored. 

 #7 – Find a friend This is not only good general life advice but also a good tip for the gym. Research has shown that exercising with a friend not only makes you go more often to the gym or running, but you also work harder with exercising with someone. 

 #6 – If you’re going to change, make it a big change If you’re dedicated to making a change and exercising, you need to change other things such as diet to see the big changes. Chuck out the junk food, invest in some lean meat and add some supplements to your diet to promote weight loss. Compliment a good diet and supplement intake with steady exercise and you’ll feel and see a difference before you know it! 

 #5 – Set goals! What is your goal? Weight loss? Muscle gain? Cardiovascular endurance? Set yourself the big goals first then smaller achievable ones. If you want to lose weight, aim to lose 2lbs a week? If you’re looking to add muscle mass, look to increase your personal best on the bench press? Setting smaller, regular and achievable goals will keep you motivated and on track to achieving your overall goal! 

 #4 – Go for yourself Whatever your motivation for changing your life and exercising again, they have to be just that – your motivation. Changing your lifestyle for someone else or to impress will never work in the long run and you are the one doing the hard work, therefore you have to be motivated! 

 #3 – Habits. Then gear It’s tempting to commit to a lifestyle change then get rid of all your current things and buy all the latest gear and gym equipment. Then two months later when the novelty wears off, you’re just left with a load of really expensive weight racks you now use as a book shelf. All the gear, no idea! First get into the exercise habit which takes no money, then start investing in gear, AFTER you’ve invested in yourself. 

 #2 – Reward yourself for going. No, not with a kebab! 90% of making something a habit is showing up and so reward yourself for showing up. Been longing for that new pair of jeans? Go for them! Treat yourself and enjoy. Again this is more likely to make you commit and stick to an exercise plan. So well done you, you’ve taken a step that many haven’t. 

 #1 – Persevere. Starting to exercise again will never be easy especially at the start. The easiest way to build momentum is simply to just keep going! Avoiding long breaks and slipping into old habits will take effort but will pay off in the long run when you’re happier, healthier and looking great. 

Conclusion: Changing habits is difficult, no two ways about it. Small baby steps forward keep you moving in the right direction, and exercise combined with supplements and a healthy diet will keep you on track to a healthier life. Keep these top tips in mind and before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic!

*I hope you enjoyed reading this guest post. It does include store links and was sponsored. All proceeds were donated to charity :)

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