Monday, 31 August 2015

A Slice of America

Hey guys,

Soooo I bought a few thangs from America!!! Well from Sephora to be precise!!! Can I get a whoop whoop! No? Alrighty then.

american shopping

The main reason I decided to splurge on Sephora (when you factor in customs, it's a splurge!) was because I suddenly needed the highlight that Jaclyn Hill created with becca cosmetics.

champagne pop, jaclyn hill

I give you Champagne Pop and it's beautiful! A deep golden shade that at first, I thought I was too pale for but it blends beautifully!
champayne pop, shimmering skin perfector, opal

I also picked up the becca shimmering skin perfector in opal. I got the travel size to try first. I have a matte foundation that's a little too matte for me. Hopefully this will soften the effect and give me that inner glow ;)

Next I got a tattoo liner by Kat Von D. I chose black as I use that more and I decided to buy the limited edition one.
eyeliner, trooper, black, precision tip, KVD, limited edition tattoo liner

Think it was $5 extra but I wasn't bothered as I think the design is awesome, as well as the cool box it came in. The limited edition was to celebrate 5 years of the tatto liner and KVD will donate a dollar to the California Wildlife Centre for every purchase :)

lipstick swatches, lullaby, lovecraft

Then I clearly needed a lipstick! So I bought a KVD lipstick in Lullaby which is a beautiful purple/pink with glitter flecks! :D 

I was lucky enough to get a mini KVD lippie in Lovecraft, as I had some points from the beauty insider club and this was one of the products in my point range! Happy Dance! It's a lovely mauve type nude. Matte finish and the lasting power is impressive :)

Lastly I decided to try the Sephora bright set finishing powder which is basically a banana powder. It's a loose pigment so we shall see how that works for my pale face. Lol. 

Finally I grabbed some free samples which is always nice :)

Although my mum decided to commandeer these! Shocking behaviour! Haha.

Anyway that's my little spurge! The great thing about shopping with Sephora is they charge you the customs at checkout. No hidden costs or Royal Mail charges if you're UK based. I did buy some extra bits, as its only £6 shipping if you spend over £75 instead of nearly £20 if I'd just bought the highlight (I mean I practically saved money, right?) lol

Really fast dispatch and it arrived in under 2 weeks! So if you've been wanting to try American shopping, what you waiting for? Cue Gwen Stefani 'what you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting for?! Haha Check out and have fun! :D

Much Love,

Bex x

Thursday, 27 August 2015

10 tips and tricks to get you back exercising

Hey guys,

I'm very excited to welcome Dan Holloway from Simply Supplements who's jotted down some helpful advice to either get you started or get back on the horse (so to speak lol) with exercise. Even I want to up my game after reading his post! :D 

Admit it; it’s been months since you last laced up your running shoes, years since you did a press-up. Exercise for you consists of walking to the fridge and lifting the TV remote from the coffee table. But this is all about to change! It’s time to put down the cream cake and pick up the water bottle, swap the couch for the rowing machine and get in the best shape of your life... Not quite that easy is it? Changing a habit can be incredibly hard and that is exactly what a sedentary lifestyle is – a habit. It can be broken and you can swap the lazy life for the lifting life. Feel more energized, look better and generally improve your health. We know this transition can be hard so here are 10 tips and tricks to get you back to regular exercise.

 #10 – Start off easy If you haven’t exercised for a while, don’t push yourself too hard to begin with as there’s nothing more likely to put you off exercise than working too hard, leaving you a gasping sweaty mess on the floor. Don’t expect a miracle Rocky montage your very first trip. Take it slow, get to know the equipment or if you aren’t joining a gym, simply go for a short jog, broken up by periods of walking if needed. 

 #9 – Commit to 30 days Make a commitment to do some form of exercise (even just a walk), every day for 30 days. This will hopefully solidify the exercise habit and get rid of the chronic laziness habit! Make the commitment and take the pressure of deciding whether or not go off your chest. 

#8 – Mix it up Even the most elite athletes will sometimes tell you that exercise can be pretty dull. This is why it’s important to mix up your routine, especially at the start of your journey to get fit. Run one day, bike another. Then go to a group exercise class or join a sports club. All this variation not only keeps your body guessing, so you progressing (like the rhyme?), but also keeps your attention and stops you getting bored. 

 #7 – Find a friend This is not only good general life advice but also a good tip for the gym. Research has shown that exercising with a friend not only makes you go more often to the gym or running, but you also work harder with exercising with someone. 

 #6 – If you’re going to change, make it a big change If you’re dedicated to making a change and exercising, you need to change other things such as diet to see the big changes. Chuck out the junk food, invest in some lean meat and add some supplements to your diet to promote weight loss. Compliment a good diet and supplement intake with steady exercise and you’ll feel and see a difference before you know it! 

 #5 – Set goals! What is your goal? Weight loss? Muscle gain? Cardiovascular endurance? Set yourself the big goals first then smaller achievable ones. If you want to lose weight, aim to lose 2lbs a week? If you’re looking to add muscle mass, look to increase your personal best on the bench press? Setting smaller, regular and achievable goals will keep you motivated and on track to achieving your overall goal! 

 #4 – Go for yourself Whatever your motivation for changing your life and exercising again, they have to be just that – your motivation. Changing your lifestyle for someone else or to impress will never work in the long run and you are the one doing the hard work, therefore you have to be motivated! 

 #3 – Habits. Then gear It’s tempting to commit to a lifestyle change then get rid of all your current things and buy all the latest gear and gym equipment. Then two months later when the novelty wears off, you’re just left with a load of really expensive weight racks you now use as a book shelf. All the gear, no idea! First get into the exercise habit which takes no money, then start investing in gear, AFTER you’ve invested in yourself. 

 #2 – Reward yourself for going. No, not with a kebab! 90% of making something a habit is showing up and so reward yourself for showing up. Been longing for that new pair of jeans? Go for them! Treat yourself and enjoy. Again this is more likely to make you commit and stick to an exercise plan. So well done you, you’ve taken a step that many haven’t. 

 #1 – Persevere. Starting to exercise again will never be easy especially at the start. The easiest way to build momentum is simply to just keep going! Avoiding long breaks and slipping into old habits will take effort but will pay off in the long run when you’re happier, healthier and looking great. 

Conclusion: Changing habits is difficult, no two ways about it. Small baby steps forward keep you moving in the right direction, and exercise combined with supplements and a healthy diet will keep you on track to a healthier life. Keep these top tips in mind and before you know it, you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic!

*I hope you enjoyed reading this guest post. It does include store links and was sponsored. All proceeds were donated to charity :)

Friday, 21 August 2015

Let me take a selfie ;)

Hi guys,

Today is a miss match post so if that ain't your thing, I'm sorry but my brain wanted to write this!


The word of this generation. With access to smart phones, mini cameras and even the ability to snap a picture from a video to the 'mega awesome' (FYI I was being sarcastic then) selfie stick you can see how simple and easy the youth of today have it.

The even made a song! #SELFIE it's quite catchy too ;p

Back in my day I was excited over the disposable cameras from Max Spielmann, that I used in Disneyland to forever immortalise Pluto and myself together, in the best picture a sixteen year old could ask for! 

Oh how times change. The 'selfie' is now a thing. Flip your camera, pout your lips and snap away folks. With photoshop a readily available tool to perfect your picture quality, you know you're minutes away from being Instagram ready.

So why does this word SELFIE fill me with annoyance (ok I probably sound like an old bat but selfie??) it sounds so pretentious? Egotistical maybe? I don't know I haven't figured out why it annoys me but it does. 

But and its a big but (no not my arse this time haha) the thing that really gets me about selfies, is envy. Not in a 'I want to look like you, you're so pretty' way but in the 'wow, you have confidence to pose and snap away' 

I can honestly say the thing I regret most about gaining weight is that I hate having my photo taken. As a result I have no yearly birthday pictures, no seasonal celebrations forever memorised on a 6x4 frame and sadly hardly any photos with my nieces and nephews through the ages.

This makes me sad. What will 80 year old Becki say when she can't show her grandchildren the life she lived? The wacky hair styles? The questionable fashion choices? The epic nights out? 

Which brings me back to the selfie. Is the selfie about confidence? Is it about loving you, your friends, your pets and wanting to share that with the world? 

Recently my auntie told me to stop hiding behind photos of my dogs and show my 'beautiful face' her words, on social media. My reaction? But it's fat! The horror. How would I be able to snap a selfie that hides my numerous chins, doesn't emphasise my chubby cheeks and makes my eyes look less hooded? 

This made me cry. No really I cried. The self hate over a simple bloody picture was awful!! I'd not even taken the photo and I was dissecting it and finding it wanting! Why?!

So people of the Internet. I've decided to share my spur of the moment 'selfie' I'm sorry the word still makes me cringe *don't hate me* 

I'm going to start snapping those moments in life that need saving. A giggle with a friend, a cuddle with my dogs. These things are part of my life, my past I want to remember with all the feelings that memory brings, that help shape my future.

What do you think of the selfie?

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Spectrum Collections Brushes

Hello lovelies,

I have another brush post!! Now get ready because these are the most beautiful brushes I've ever seen. We're talking full on colourful, girly unicorn, mermaid magic!! :D

Let me introduce to you, Spectrum Collections Eye Brush Set *cue the fireworks* ta dah! My shoddy photos don't do them justice!

beauty, eyes, brush set, pretty, pink,

PINK!!!! Can we appreciate the pink!! Beautiful painted wood handles with the Spectrum name in silver. These are such lovely brushes to look at, let alone use!

I bought the 8 piece eye set which included fluffy blending, shadow and pencil to smudge, angled crease and contour brushes. I would have like to see a more pointed tapered brush but overall this set really did offer a good range so you can create the perfect eye look.

I love the bristles!! The blue and purple ombré is just perfection to me, add in the pink handles and I was in brush heaven!

Now it's all well and good to look pretty but did they work?? Fear not my make up loving friends, these bad boys are actually really great brushes. Fluffy or dense they did what I wanted, from packing on pigment to blending harsh lines, all whilst feeling super soft and being gentle on the sensitive eye area. Winner! 

The bonus of owning these beauties? They look awesome on display!! Useful, pretty and versatile. With the added benefit of being vegan, cruelty free and with synthetic bristles, these are an overall winner to me.

Imagine Stephen Hawkin's brain, Jason Statham's body and Chris Hemsworth's face all rolled into one. Perfect right? Well that's what Spectrum Collections has created. The perfect mix of lovely packaging and a quality product. Boom! 

Also the company is very sweet! They even included a hand written note with my order :) 

I love this touch and my brushes all came in this cute purple pouch. Actually a great travel idea to keep the brushes compact and together.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new loves. I had to share as they are so gorgeous, it's a crime to hide them away ;)

My set only cost £29.99! That's like £3.75 per brush, which does the job and looks amazing!

Fancy checking out Spectrum Collections? Give them a look here and prepare to fall in love!

I'm now off to drool over the face brushes! Lol. Speak soon guys!

Much Love,

Bex x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Absolute Ultra Slick Lipsticks by Nicka K

Hello beauts,

I have a treat for you guys!! I was lucky enough to get chosen by the lovely guys at Beauty Crowd to try some lipsticks by the brand absolute :D

Interesting fact: this brand is made by the same peeps who make Nicka K. Learn something every day right? ;)
When browsing the shade range I was spoilt for choice! So many colours from pinks and reds to quirky ones like blue and gold.
Now I'm not shy about a bright lip so I thought to myself 'why not try a funky colour?' Soo I did!! 

I chose the shades Dynamic a metallic purple and Amazing which is such a cool teal green shade! Very different, very out there!


I actually thought the purple shade was a bronzey brown when I decided on that one. The online swatches were a bit off but never fear, I still love it.

Ok on to the lipsticks!

Very nice to use. The purple was easier to apply, more of a creamy formula. My only vice was it didn't play well when trying to fill in my lip line. It kept sheering out but I was able to build up the colour. Has a satin finish and feels nice on the lips.


The teal was quite a dry formula. Not a matte, matte and it didn't pull on the lips but you could feel the difference. Very pigmented, especially when you compare to the purple. I would recommend using a lip brush to get your lip line straight as this bad boy packs a punch with the colour payoff! 


Look how amazing those are on the lips!!! The teal is just an awesome shade and I felt like a mermaid! Lol. Whilst the purple was a wearable 'quirky' colour which looks really pretty :)

Now before those of you who fear retro lipsticks get all upset (yes mum, I mean you!), the absolute lipsticks do come in your mainstream shades. All of which look great from the online swatches! 

Want to try these absolute bad boys out? Haha see what I did there? *giggles like a schoolgirl* Check out the awesome and go wild! At only £3.95 they're affordable and worth it!

What do you think of my colour choices? ;)

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 17 August 2015

A few bits from Kiko Cosmetics

Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my new loves from Kiko Cosmetics. I'm a huge fan of this brand and I hope one day they open a store in Manchester! 

I was checking my emails and saw one from Kiko with a code offering free express shipping. Obviously I needed to take advantage. Am I right? ;)

Soooo what did I buy?

Only a small shop as I'm on a self imposed shopping ban (I have debts to pay off and another eyeshadow palette won't help me with that! Haha) but I love what I got!

I bought three of the Long Lasting Stick  eyeshadows, as I've seen use them in her videos ( I thought why not? Plus I got these in the sale so half price I think :D

These are fabulous to use! Very creamy so they glide on the lid with no tugging and the colours are pigmented! I went with a peach shade 21, a burgundy shade 37 and shade 36 which I thought was lilac but looks more pinky with gold flecks. All really pretty and the packaging reminds me of Nars :)

The main part of this online shopping experience was to grab a few bits from the new Rebel Romantic Collection. The packaging is very Charlotte Tilbury but without the price tag. Simply gorgeous :)

I went for the Metallic Shine Eyeshadow in this gorgeous rose pink shade 02 and the amazing deep pink lipstick, shade 05 from the Intensely Lavish range. Beyond impressed with the colour payoff and can we appreciate the details!

How beautiful is that colour?! :D

Really lovely formula, creamy and goes on the lips so smooth its like angels are anointing you! Yes a wax lyrical about make up! Sue me! ;) Haha.

I also bought a lip liner from the Smart range in shade 709, as you can see from the tag along swatch with the shadow sticks and whilst I didn't get it to go with this lipstick, it's actually a perfect match! Happy dance!!! :)

Sooo that's my mini 'haul' from Kiko Cosmetics! Like I said before, I love this brand. It's affordable and they have quality products. Do check out the smart lippies as well :)

Fancy a browse? Here you go oh and you might want to apologise to your bank manager, believe me you will want it all. Lol. You're welcome! ;)

What do you think of my goodies? Anything I should check out? 

Much love,

Bex x

PS: Free express shipping available using code: FREEUPS ends 23rd August 2015! One more reason to go grab a bargain :D

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Learning to accept a compliment!

Hi guys,

I think the best way to start this post is with a story. It's a true story. In fact it happened to me.

Once upon a time... Nah I'm just messing with you. Lol ;)

So the other day I was on my way back from walking my dogs. After a huge run in a field, it's safe to say we were all puffing and panting to get up the hill to go home and collapse in a heap.

On the final stretch to the finish, the thighs are screaming, the heart is pounding but you can see glory in the distance or in my case, home! Haha

I saw a few people, so being the considerate dog owner I am, I moved to the side to let everyone pass. As I was doing this, two girls around 15 years old went walking by me and one looked at me and said 'I like your top' I was shocked and just said 'thanks' to which she responded 'it's nice' then she walked on by.

For me this was a moment of panic. Here I was on the final steps of a big walk, I was sweaty and as much as I'd like to say I perspire prettily, I was red! We're talking tomato face people! So why did she say this to me??

The top in question was a black one with a big number 73 on the front. Think the English take on the American sports top without actually being a sport top. Lol. It's great to walk the dogs in but I wouldn't say Vogue were going to come knocking on my door asking for fashion tips ;)

The thoughts going round and round my brain were 'omg she's going to call me fat now' and 'what's wrong with this top to comment on it' now I'm not up on what's hip with the kids nowadays (I mean do people even use the word hip and cool anymore?) so unless the number 73 is the new 69 that we giggled about when I was a teeny bopper, I really couldn't grasp why this random girl would say a nice thing about it?!

Which got me thinking. Why can't I accept a compliment for what it it? Why did I spend the rest of my walk home, second and third guessing a small comment, whilst also trying to suck in my tummy?

It just made me feel sad that a nice comment or action had to be dissected to find the 'true' meaning behind those seemingly innocent words. 

When I say someone looks pretty or has a nice outfit, I genuinely mean what I'm saying. So why didn't I believe this about my top? I think the problem isn't thinking that someone is then going to shout 'shame you look like Shamu left the ocean' but that I am worth a nice word.

I'm going to work on this self esteem issue and accept compliments for what they are and maybe, just maybe that girl did like my top :)

Much Love, 

Bex x

Friday, 14 August 2015

Kiss Cosmetics Sheerstick

Hello beauts,

I'm very pleased to tell you all that I got to try a mini Sheerstick by the up and coming beauty brand Kiss Cosmetics who are taking over the make up industry one fabulous lipstick at a time! 

First off the packaging. Sleek, glossy black tube with the brand name in a gorgeous lilac colour. Whilst it's a standard tube for most brands, it's visually appealing, hence why most brands still use it plus I love purple soooo the brand lettering and colouring is a winner for me.

I was pleased to see I got a gorgeous pink to try! With a cool name like Sheer Flamingo which is described as a vivid fuchsia pink with blue undertones, I was eager to slap this badboy on my lips.

Now fret not my friends who are afraid to go bright, this is a Sheerstick. Think tinted lipbalm and whilst it did add colour to my lips, it's was subtle. 

This feels great on the lips. Not sticky which is a huge plus for me and feels really nourishing. I have dry lips so when I'm not rocking an in your face lip colour, I smother them in lipbalm.

I was also pleased to read that the Sheersticks are full of goodness like vitamin E and jojoba oil with a menthol flavour to add that tingle to your lips :D

Overall this is a lovely product! I would prefer a deeper colour payoff but that would defeat the purpose of the Sheerstick. ;)

Very easy to use and I love how Kiss Cosmetics offer the mini's online for £2 in all their lip ranges. This is a fabulous idea! You can try a shade you wouldn't normally gravitate towards or see how a formula feels on your lips! Good right? :)

Want to try these Kiss Cosmetics marvels? Go browse here and go wild! :D 

What do you think? Have you tried this brand?

Much Love,

Bex x

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Blogger Beauty Box

Hello lovelies,

I'm very pleased to tell you, that I was one of the lucky peeps who got to try the new subscription box just started by the lovely Vix from 

I've been following Vix for ages on Twitter and love reading her blog so when I saw a tweet about her new box I was on it!! 

Welcome to the Blogger Beauty Box!!!

My box came wrapped in brown paper like the good old days and even had the brand logo on the address label! On opening my box, I was pleased to see a sturdy box with a bigger logo on the lid. 

People the Blogger Beauty Box has arrived!

Like a kid on Christmas Day I dug right into this it! What a great start to a blossoming business.

Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Mask this was a fabulous product to see! I've seen people raving about sheet masks and I've been dying to try one! The mask I got is a moisturising one with deep sea extract. I've got some dry patches so already I'm a happy camper! 
The serum loaded mask is packed with skin goodness to hydrate, protect and reduce dull skin.
Included was a nice note from Angela over at the brand with some tips and tricks about the product. Lovely touch :)

I also got a huge MooGoo moisturiser! I've heard so much about this Australian brand, very back to nature with no scary, cheap ingredients! I'm excited to try this as I do have sensitive skin that's quite eczema prone on my hands. I also liked how the tube came sealed, this type of safety measure is such a relief.

I was chuffed to see another great product, this one from Dusty Girls Makeup which is made by the same peeps who make MooGoo skincare!
Natural Mineral Lipgloss. How lovely is the packaging??? A gorgeous peach tube that looks both cute and classy. Who knew? :D
I got Sun Shower to glisten like summer rain. It's a clear gloss with an iridescent shimmer. Very subtle and looks great alone or on top of a darker colour. Bonus points to the brand for not testing on animals and being all natural! Winner!

Finally I got some make up bits from the UK brand W7 Cosmetics. I've tried this brand before and I love the Urban Decay Naked dupes they sell. Very affordable products so I definitely recommend :D

A chunky Eyelust mascara for the blackest lashes. I actually like the look of the brush which has natural bristles and has a rounded tip :)

Finally I neon pink lipstick!!! Grab your sunglasses guys because this badboy pops! From the Fluorescent Kiss range in the shade Fashion Fever, this lippie makes a statement! 

Soo that's my first Blogger Beauty Box! I thought it was a great mix of brands and products. Oh did I forget to mention? It's only £10 for a box right now! So if you fancy trying this new subscription box check it out here

Also go show some love on Twitter and follow @bbloggerbox and the lovely @VixMeldrew :) 

Let me know what you think and if you try this box!

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Box

Hey guys,

I'm slightly late with this post due to photography issues. Basically I had no light and I'm shite at taking pictures! Haha.

Anyway I'd like to introduce you to this lil beauty from Prairie Charms (I did this post on my mystery bag) who are a cute UK boutique and they sell handmade accessories that even the most straight laced girl or guy will love! 

How cute was my box?! Each box will have a theme and July's box was 'festival' which as its festival season kinda made sense. I like their thinking!

My box came wrapped up all cute with funky tape and my favourite coloured tissue paper! :D

On to what I got!

From a hair wrap, clip and Aztec headband to a pendant, bracelet and faux leather hair bow. This box had some fabulous lil pieces to really jazz up your look!

How cute are the knot tie bobbles?! Unicorns people!! Unicorns!! *love*

Now not only did you get enough cute items to look like a festival goddess but they included some quirky bits and pieces that just made me smile!

Whilst I'm not overly keen on the tattoo thingies, I thought the straws were cool and the popping corn and bags, a cute touch :)

Yes I made my own popcorn and although I may have 'slightly' burnt the pan (FYI they pop fast!) I still think this was a fun touch to include. Plus how good to my bags look?? Can anyway see popcorn attendant in my future?? I think so too! Haha.

Overall a really nice idea. I probably wouldn't get one every month but it's definitely a new twist on the subscription box. The lovely people at Prairie Charms are selling the whole pizza box (get it? Pizzazz?? Haha) for £20 :)

The next box is due out soon! If you fancy trying one out just give the lovely @PrairieCharms a tweet using #PrairiePizzazz on Twitter! Oh and say hey from me! 

Have a fabulous day guys!!!

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A Weighty Issue

Hello people of the world,

Hope you're all well on this fine (erm maybe more overcast) day ;) 

So I finally got weighed!!! I know, I know, you'd think after 6 weeks I'd run to the scales but what can I say? Life is hectic. Lol

Anyway I'm pleased to say that I lost 10lb!!! I'm happy with that. Yes after a diet change and actually sticking to eating better foods, I kinda wanted a bigger loss as 6lb of that was losing what I'd gained during 'birthday month' aka June! Haha

Buuttt a loss, is a loss, is a loss! I'm on track, I'm shrinking and I'm feeling full which is a bonus :D

I do need to step up my exercise. I've been lazy lately plus strangely enough considering I'm so big I sweat all the time, I actually hate sweating! *hides face* ok more like I hate getting all red in the face whilst puffing and panting. I'm telling you guys, being vain is hard! Haha

Sooo here's to another great month kicking fats arse!! Now this girl is going to get red faced ;) I'm walking my dogs!! Ha

Stay strong people!

Much Love,

Bex x