Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer Loving

Heyyy youuu guysssss,

Ok who got my goonies reference? Anyone? Haha

Despite what the title might tell you. This is a post about the heat and how it's bloody awful sweating buckets! 

I don't know if it's a fat thing or I'm just a sweaty gal but geez it's been a tough few days.

How women keep their make up on, I do not know! My face melted! This is with primers and setting sprays!

I'm rocking the au natural look now, as its too much bother when it's so humid. I went Trafford centre the other day and some sales girls were promoting the GHD straighteners. On asking if I'd like to get my mop of hair done (they clearly said hair, not mop I'm just being dramatic), I had to decline due to the fact my hair was stuck to my neck, poor girl was mortified when I said ' nope, this hair is just all sweat right now' whilst waving my arms around my head! Haha. Crazy alert! 

Anyway this post is random and probably a lot TMI. I mean girls don't sweat, we lightly perspire or glisten as my mum says! Haha. But I felt the need to express my disdain of this hot weather.  

Hopefully some extra poundage will be lost with this heat wave. Always a silver lining people! ;) 

Maybe once I'm at a comfortable size, I can rock a bikini with happy vibes in the heat :D lol

Regardless of if you love or hate this weather, don't forget sunscreen and plenty of water :) Stay safe peeps.

Much Love,

Bex x

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