Monday, 27 July 2015

Productive Exercise

Hey guys,

I was thinking about exercise the other day and primarily what I need to be doing to aid my weight loss and tighten up the sag as I go (lovely visual) now I'm going to join a gym eventually but I get really embarrassed about being this big and puffing and panting next to the fit bits. Silly I know but hey ho I'll just use the money for lipstick ;)

That being said, there are lots of free activities to do that will get the heart pumping. I walk my dogs three times a day to make sure I'm getting those steps in. Lol.

Which brings me to my point. This week is the big clean up. It's my autistic brothers birthday. He's turning 27 but mentally he's around 5/6 sooo we have a huge bouncy castle party with all the family. As a result my mother gets extra excited about cleaning and pulls out everything to clean every nook and cranny. Exciting times *rolls eyes*

Now I'm no expert but for those of you who've done the BIG clean you will know how bloody energetic that shit is! It's only day one and I'm sweating like a sinner in church! My hearts pounding and I feel great! The endorphins (or endolphins as my mum calls them! Haha) are flowing which as Elle from Legally Blonde tells us makes you happy!! :D

Not only is this giving you a decent workout (give it some elbow grease people!) But you're being productive. It's getting your house, bedroom, work or car all nice and shiny and your burning away the lard! Plus the end result is a great feeling mentally! Winner right?

Don't underestimate the power of a good cleaning. Whilst its fine to power walk on a treadmill, sometimes a little cleaning does your space and your body some good :)

Stay healthy people!!

Much Love,

Bex x

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