Friday, 31 July 2015

Naked Trauma and Confidence!

Hi guys,

On Wednesday my family and I ventured to Blackpool to visit the Sandcastle Water Park. For those of you not in the loop, my brother has autism with severe learning difficulties. He's physically able, just not mentally.

Anyway on his actual birthday he wanted to go swimming, hence the Blackpool trip. So my dad, Jim and carer all went off in his car whilst I drove my mum, niece and erm me obviously. 

A few hours later after a frustrating motorway journey with an evil say nav that took me to the other side of Blackpool, through far too many one way streets and even a dead end (turn right, erm dude its a wall!!) I finally arrived!! 

Now I wasn't swimming, I was more on hand to sort the kid out and an extra pair of hand in case Jim got anxious. In my wisdom I thought wearing sweat pants was a fabulous idea. Comfy for driving and it was raining and chilly in Manchester so makes sense right? No the place was boiling!! 

So far this trip is going great. I unintentionally visited all of Blackpool,  looked at blank walls plus I'm now sweating away the diet coke I thought was a better choice than water! Don't ask.

Anyway moving on to the point of this post. On entering the inner sanctum of the water park I found a table near the pool side. Winner! This turned out to be the route people followed to enter the pools when not using the changing area. 

You know what I noticed most? People of different shapes and sizes! I'm talking big, small, young and old. I saw people bigger than me wearing bikinis with no cares about what people thought.

This kind of confidence is what I'm trying to gain. Not just body confidence but an overall, this is me, like me or hate me, I am awesome!

Also I'd like to say my bad luck ended but alas on buying food for my party, I was behind a rather large lady in a bikini who for reasons known only to gravity, flashed me her sizeable rack! I'm not a prude guys but a little notice before you flash your nipples in my face! Haha.

Anyway my point is that fat or thin, own your body and live life! I didn't join in the swimming due to feeling crap about my thunder thighs but really the only person this bothered was me. Who bloody cares about my fat arse anyway?

On a positive note, how cute is this little miss in her new costume! :D

This little beauty is a total water baby! She had a blast swimming with grandad :) I tried to get a picture of Jim as well but the guy was a like a fish! He had a great time though and didn't get agitated :)

Thanks for reading my random babble peeps!

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Good luck with gaining the confidence! I'm trying to do the exact same. I've been to Florida 3 times this year and avoided the pools because I don't have the confidence even though I know that the only person who cares about what I look like is myself, I can understand how hard it is! You'll get there eventually :)

    1. Aww its so sad that we miss out on things due to our insecurities. I hope you find the confidence to rock a swimsuit! x


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