Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Have Faith and Keep Dreaming

Hey guys,

I've been having a really tough time lately. Lot of things happening at home, my brother who has autism and severe challenging behaviour, has had a few bad weeks and I'm behind at work (I hate paperwork!) and let's not forget I'm still trying to shift all this weight!

I think the worst part is, I've lost confidence with myself, especially my blog with the beauty and stuff. Don't get me wrong I still love make up and as my bank statement will show I'm definitely buying it. Lol. But I can feel myself reverting into myself again and feeling like people think I'm talking shite, which is mentally, like taking 4 steps back. 

I hate that I'm letting negative thoughts hinder me sharing my beauty loves with you guys. I've got so much to show you as well.

I was actually in the Trafford Centre when it hit me how silly I was being. I wanted to browse the Mac counter in Selfridges and my main thought was 'abort fatty, abort! You look stupid' but then I thought 'NO! Fuck off negative Nancy! I want to look at bloody eye shadows and lipsticks!' 

So I did and whilst browsing the beauty counters, I ended up having a gab with the girl on the Urban Decay counter and she made my day when she said I should apply for a job as I know my stuff! :D 

Now even if this was just a sales ploy, it did make me wake up and realise that even if I'm not 'my perfect weight' it doesn't mean I can't put my face on and talk about make up! I've really got to start thinking positive again. I'm letting 'what if's' and 'why bothers' ruin my good vibes and that's not good!

So I'm going to persevere with my healthy eating, exercise and positive thinking! I'm gaining my confidence with make up back and I will be sharing my finds/loves with you guys! :)

One day I'd love to get a career in the beauty/fashion industry. I'd even like to try You tube at some point ;) so watch this space guys! The bitch is back! Hahaha ;p

Much Love,

Bex x


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    1. You think? Cheers lovely, I will defo be thinking about it. Any tips?? x

  2. I'm sorry you've been feeling that way but I do hope negative nancy stays away from now on!
    Would love to see you on youtube :)

    1. Aww thank you so much! Feeling more positive :) x

  3. Love the mantras- sometimes you have to give yourself a talking to , hope your positivity continues! Jen

    1. Thanks a lot lovely! Means so much x


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