Friday, 31 July 2015

Naked Trauma and Confidence!

Hi guys,

On Wednesday my family and I ventured to Blackpool to visit the Sandcastle Water Park. For those of you not in the loop, my brother has autism with severe learning difficulties. He's physically able, just not mentally.

Anyway on his actual birthday he wanted to go swimming, hence the Blackpool trip. So my dad, Jim and carer all went off in his car whilst I drove my mum, niece and erm me obviously. 

A few hours later after a frustrating motorway journey with an evil say nav that took me to the other side of Blackpool, through far too many one way streets and even a dead end (turn right, erm dude its a wall!!) I finally arrived!! 

Now I wasn't swimming, I was more on hand to sort the kid out and an extra pair of hand in case Jim got anxious. In my wisdom I thought wearing sweat pants was a fabulous idea. Comfy for driving and it was raining and chilly in Manchester so makes sense right? No the place was boiling!! 

So far this trip is going great. I unintentionally visited all of Blackpool,  looked at blank walls plus I'm now sweating away the diet coke I thought was a better choice than water! Don't ask.

Anyway moving on to the point of this post. On entering the inner sanctum of the water park I found a table near the pool side. Winner! This turned out to be the route people followed to enter the pools when not using the changing area. 

You know what I noticed most? People of different shapes and sizes! I'm talking big, small, young and old. I saw people bigger than me wearing bikinis with no cares about what people thought.

This kind of confidence is what I'm trying to gain. Not just body confidence but an overall, this is me, like me or hate me, I am awesome!

Also I'd like to say my bad luck ended but alas on buying food for my party, I was behind a rather large lady in a bikini who for reasons known only to gravity, flashed me her sizeable rack! I'm not a prude guys but a little notice before you flash your nipples in my face! Haha.

Anyway my point is that fat or thin, own your body and live life! I didn't join in the swimming due to feeling crap about my thunder thighs but really the only person this bothered was me. Who bloody cares about my fat arse anyway?

On a positive note, how cute is this little miss in her new costume! :D

This little beauty is a total water baby! She had a blast swimming with grandad :) I tried to get a picture of Jim as well but the guy was a like a fish! He had a great time though and didn't get agitated :)

Thanks for reading my random babble peeps!

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 27 July 2015

Productive Exercise

Hey guys,

I was thinking about exercise the other day and primarily what I need to be doing to aid my weight loss and tighten up the sag as I go (lovely visual) now I'm going to join a gym eventually but I get really embarrassed about being this big and puffing and panting next to the fit bits. Silly I know but hey ho I'll just use the money for lipstick ;)

That being said, there are lots of free activities to do that will get the heart pumping. I walk my dogs three times a day to make sure I'm getting those steps in. Lol.

Which brings me to my point. This week is the big clean up. It's my autistic brothers birthday. He's turning 27 but mentally he's around 5/6 sooo we have a huge bouncy castle party with all the family. As a result my mother gets extra excited about cleaning and pulls out everything to clean every nook and cranny. Exciting times *rolls eyes*

Now I'm no expert but for those of you who've done the BIG clean you will know how bloody energetic that shit is! It's only day one and I'm sweating like a sinner in church! My hearts pounding and I feel great! The endorphins (or endolphins as my mum calls them! Haha) are flowing which as Elle from Legally Blonde tells us makes you happy!! :D

Not only is this giving you a decent workout (give it some elbow grease people!) But you're being productive. It's getting your house, bedroom, work or car all nice and shiny and your burning away the lard! Plus the end result is a great feeling mentally! Winner right?

Don't underestimate the power of a good cleaning. Whilst its fine to power walk on a treadmill, sometimes a little cleaning does your space and your body some good :)

Stay healthy people!!

Much Love,

Bex x

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Bonjour From Glossybox

Hey guys,

I've made no secret of my love of beauty boxes and recently how some have been a bit blah. The only reason I still subscribe to Glossybox is because I want my free box. I know, I know it's counterproductive to buy 3, just to get 1 free but hey it makes sense in my head! Haha.

However I actually liked this months Glossybox. With a chic Parisian theme and fabulous box design I was, dare I say it, impressed.

Inside the box was a cool bag, designed by the talented Jamie Lee Reardin, which held this months goodies. All French based to tie in with the theme. Obviously ;)

So what European surprises did I get?!

First off I love the bag that's included. It's cute, quirky and perfect to throw your handbag essentials in and off you pop for a day of shopping and coffee. Oooh with cakes! Ok, ok carrot sticks *curse you fat arse* ;p

Lollipops Lip Balm Délicieuse seems ok but I'm quite picky with lip balms and this one was a bit too thick for me or maybe it was the texture or the taste (I don't generally eat my lip balm but I tend to bite my lip a lot sooo ... you get the point I'm making right?) anyway I'm not sold on this one. Cute tube though :)

Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Perfume comes in a really cute bottle, what can I say I like small things ;) haha. Anyway I like this brand and whilst it was a nice scent, it was a bit too strong for me. However my mother has happily taken it out of my hands.

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect Skin Refiner Night Cream this is a pricy product! Full size will set you back £70! With ingredients like hyaluronic acids to plump the skin and hydrate as well as glycolic acid to add skin resurfacing, you know this is going to be good. I'm excited to try this!

Noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base I was excited to see this included. I'm really getting into serums lately so to try a new product and brand is perfect. Yellow in colour with no discernible scent, this soaked into my skin well (I've used this once so far) and my moisturiser went on lovely after. Another product full of goodness to hydrate and protect the skin. We shall see how I get on with this :)

Overall I thought it was a pretty good box this month. Whilst I'm only testing out two of the products myself, the cost and quality of the brands more than makes the box.

I'm still on the fence about keeping with Glossybox after my 'free' box but in this instance I can say that the French theme is a winner! :D

What did you think? Fancy trying Glossybox? You can check them out here only £10 plus p&p and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Capital FM Beauty Box

Hello loves,

I finally got round to taking these pictures again after losing all mine when my iPhone got replaced and iTunes deleted everything (not a good week) sooo without further ado I give you the Latest In Beauty Capital FM Box! :D

Full of some fabulous goodies, this was another winner from the guys at Latest In Beauty (LIB) I did buy the Glamour one but I'd already used most of the products by the time I realised I had no photos :(

Anyway this box was very festival, summer friendly I'd say with the bright pops of colour to the sunscreen and hair product. But never fear my non festival friends this box is still perfect for those of us who don't party it up ;)

How gorgeous is this palette by MUA?? Full of bright colours that will make your eyes pop with a mega volume mascara to add weight to your lashes. Let the good times roll!

Simply beautiful! :)

Tying the colourful theme together is the Fudge Hair Art Spray which means you can get creative adding colour to your locks! I got violet haze which is my favourite colour!!!! Happy dance! Lol. This washes out so don't panic when it's time for work! Haha.

Another summer essential is a dry shampoo and this one by Colab smells gorgeous! Even if you're not rocking around a field, this wonder product is perfect to give your locks a boost between washes plus add volume! Winner :D

Great bottle of Hawaiian Tropic sun protection with SPF 30 to keep those rays at bay and a nifty sample of the I Love... Perfectly Peachy shower cream. Smells delish, although I wish it had been  bottle sample not a sachet. Such a pain to open when your hands are wet! Haha.

This little trio from Malin+Goetz was a great touch with a cleanser, moisturiser and lip balm. Nicely done LIB. Love trying new brands :)

Who doesn't like Nail Inc? Love this turquoise colour and with it being gel effect polish you know it will last all through the raves or nights in watching Disney movies whilst fighting your dogs over the last carrot stick. No? Just me then. Ok moving on! ;)

Also included was a decent size bottle of the Dr Organic face mud but it was stolen!!!! Ok, ok I may have let my friend use it but he never gave it back so I'm sticking with the stolen story! Hence having no picture! Shocking! Haha.

Finally you get to try the tinted moisture plus balm from Carmex. Now I'm not a fan of tinted lip balms, mostly because when I apply mine on my lips, it also manages to go all over the lower half of my face, sooo you can imagine what I look like without the use of a mirror. Lol. I do love the regular Carmex tube and this had the same results with a bit of colour. Kinda like a sheer lippie that hydrates as well :)

Sooo overall I thought it was a pretty decent box! :D 

Only £17.95 to buy and you can still get it here :)

Much Love,

Bex x

Friday, 17 July 2015

The Nude Crew

Hey guys!

Hope you're all well and happy!! It's FRIDAY!!!!! :D

Anyway today I thought I'd share my latest lip loves. It's a browny nude look but it does have pink undertones. It's just a nice combo and when I'm having a lazy day this is my preferred colour.

So I have the lip liner by NYC in the shade 836 Naughty Nude (FYI great name! Haha) love this liner! Goes on great, creamy formula and it's a twisty pen, so no sharpening needed! Winner!

My lipstick of choice is the Jordana Modern Matte in 01 Matte Bare. This is a lovely lipstick, it's not totally matte like the illamasque ones, which have a stubborn formula when trying to apply. The Jordana one glides on great and doesn't feel drying. Plus this is a really nice nude. More brown than pink but it suits my skin tone. Not too pale it washes me out but not too dark it looks harsh. Love it :)

Finally I too this with a gloss. I don't mind the matte look but sometimes a girl likes to shine ;)
The one I'm loving is the Salvation Intense Lacquer in More Than I Could Give (loooong name!) great formula which isn't sticky, lovely pigmentation and looks great!

The final result! I'm shite a pictures and my lip looks dodgy but it give you an idea of what each product looks like :) 

Best bit about this combo? It's super affordable! 
Lip liner £1.89 from eBay (it was sealed)
Lipstick from Beauty Crowd £3.50
Lacquer from Makeup Revolution £3

What's your favourite lip product/s right now? 

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Birchbox Birthday Goodies!

Hello beautiful people!

Now the products I'm showing today were bought last month for my birthday but life got in the way sooo the post is only being wrote now. I know, I know, I'm shocking! Haha.

As you may have guessed from my bye bye Birchbox post ( I cancelled my subscription as I wasn't feeling the samples anymore. I'd rather save my £13 a month and buy a lipstick or eyeshadow. Lol. Anyway just before my birthday (June 7th) I got an email from Birchbox with a coupon code for 20% off as a birthday treat! Nicely done guys!

I decided to have a browse in the Birchbox eshop. Let the games begin! ;)

I finally decided to get the balm voyage palette by the balm cosmetics, a brow set from pixi by Petra and the puff off eye gel from benefit.

Guys! I love this palette! 

The shadows are fabulous, so blendable and pigmented. The lighter shades do need a base to make the colours pop more but the darker shades are on point! I love the dark teal shade *holds up hands* beautiful!

I was really impressed with this set. Great size shadows in a mixture of matte, shimmer and metallic shades.

Plus 3 lip colours, as well as a little mirror. All stored in this cute travel themed set that has magnetic closures. Love!

The eye set by pixi is really cool. On one side it's a pencil to add colour, depth and shape to your brows. Slanted tip helps give the brows a natural finish. Then the other side is a tinted gel with a small mascara type brush which sets your brows perfectly. 

The colour isn't overpowering, it literally adds a subtle tint with the main focus being setting those hairs down. Great idea and I'm glad I tried this product and brand :)

Finally I went for the puff off eye gel by Benefit.

I don't really have puffy under eyes but I tried a sample of this and I really liked how cooling it was and the salmon pink shade helps to lighten and brighten my dark bags whilst the formula hydrates my under eye area so it doesn't appear as sunken. Always a winner! Lol.

The great thing about this little order? I only paid £6! Why you're asking? Well my total was £70 minus 20% = £56. Then my friends, I realised I had saved my points from previous purchases and reviews which gave me £50 off! :D add in free shipping and I paid £6! Happy dance!

Must admit I'm glad I got to try Birchbox plus earn points and take advantage of this birthday treat. What do you think of my goodies? 

Much Love,

Bex x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Beauty Crowd Shop

Hey guys,

Those on Twitter will most likely have heard about Beauty Crowd. It's an online shop that sells loads of beauty stuff and quite a bit of American makeup brands which is fabulous for us in the UK! :D

I only bought a few bits to try and test the site out.

I bought these in May and as it was a busy month for me shopping wise, I had to be erm frugal! Haha.

Sooo you're wondering what I got! Well first thing you'll probably notice is the Milani blush. Yes it's in luminoso. I fell for the hype (don't judge me!) anyway this is a lovely peachy, shimmery, very pigmented blush. I see why it's popular but I'm more impressed with the quality of the product! A little goes a long way and it's really blendable. Will definitely try some other shades. I'm actually eyeing a pink one ;) 

This beauty only cost £6! So not only are you getting a fabulous blush, it's also cheap as chips! Haha

Next up I bought a jumbo eye pencil by LA Colors in bikini. Random shade name aside its a beautiful lilac colour. Not as dark as I thought it would be but nice to use all over the lid as a booster for powder shadows and its only £1.95! Another product I'm trying other colours in :)

Barbara Hoffman Round Blender Brush £4.95 to be honest I just liked the silver handle on this plus I wanted a pencil brush which I thought this was (note to self try reading the blurb!) anyway it's synthetic which is good but feels a bit plastic, more of a thin pointed brush which is good to shape shadows into the outer v, however it's not my favourite brush.

Finally I bought some lip products. I'm a sucker for lipsticks or glosses! It's a weakness!
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Tempt which is a gorgeous dark grape shade. Unfortunately I can't use this *crying as I type* it's a great colour, nice smooth formula and it's not sticky but after trying on the lips it bled way past my lip line! I looked like I'd tried a new Halloween look. This was with lip liner as well! Not good at all! A lighter shade may work better but for me it's a miss. Only £4 so not like it broke the bank. Lol.

The best of the bunch was this awesome brown nude by Jordana. It's a matte but feels so creamy and glides on perfectly. Now I love my bright lips, red, pink and I'll even try navy (I've seen one by a new brand that looks super cool) yet I felt drawn to this shade. Sometimes a girl just needs a tame lip if her eyes need to shine more. Haha. Only £3.50 so you can bet your fab behinds, I will be trying other shades! ;) hehe

Anyway that's my mini shopping spree over with. Glad I got to try some new brands and will be getting some other bits and pieces soon! :D

Have you checked out Beauty Crowd? Click here and have fun browsing! 

Much Love,

Bex x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Have Faith and Keep Dreaming

Hey guys,

I've been having a really tough time lately. Lot of things happening at home, my brother who has autism and severe challenging behaviour, has had a few bad weeks and I'm behind at work (I hate paperwork!) and let's not forget I'm still trying to shift all this weight!

I think the worst part is, I've lost confidence with myself, especially my blog with the beauty and stuff. Don't get me wrong I still love make up and as my bank statement will show I'm definitely buying it. Lol. But I can feel myself reverting into myself again and feeling like people think I'm talking shite, which is mentally, like taking 4 steps back. 

I hate that I'm letting negative thoughts hinder me sharing my beauty loves with you guys. I've got so much to show you as well.

I was actually in the Trafford Centre when it hit me how silly I was being. I wanted to browse the Mac counter in Selfridges and my main thought was 'abort fatty, abort! You look stupid' but then I thought 'NO! Fuck off negative Nancy! I want to look at bloody eye shadows and lipsticks!' 

So I did and whilst browsing the beauty counters, I ended up having a gab with the girl on the Urban Decay counter and she made my day when she said I should apply for a job as I know my stuff! :D 

Now even if this was just a sales ploy, it did make me wake up and realise that even if I'm not 'my perfect weight' it doesn't mean I can't put my face on and talk about make up! I've really got to start thinking positive again. I'm letting 'what if's' and 'why bothers' ruin my good vibes and that's not good!

So I'm going to persevere with my healthy eating, exercise and positive thinking! I'm gaining my confidence with make up back and I will be sharing my finds/loves with you guys! :)

One day I'd love to get a career in the beauty/fashion industry. I'd even like to try You tube at some point ;) so watch this space guys! The bitch is back! Hahaha ;p

Much Love,

Bex x

Monday, 6 July 2015

Make Up For Ever at Debenhams

Hey lovelies,

Today I wanted to share my Make Up For Ever goodies that I bought from Debenhams in May. Yes, I'm so late writing this! Oops ;)

So this brand finally made it to the UK. For those of you who read blogs and watch beauty shiz on Youtube, you probably know about this brand. Unless you live with no form of technology what so ever, if that's the case I'll let you off! Haha.

When Debenhams announced they were stocking Make Up For Ever, I was so excited to try it! Only available in the London stores and online at the moment but watch this space ;)

Soooo what did I get?! First off I bought a sample size of the hydration primer. Having some dry, patchy skin problems so wanted to see if this was any good. 

I bought the famous HD foundation and as I couldn't swatch the shades, I used a foundation matrix online ( to see what shade would be best for me (I'm usually the second to lightest shade in most foundations and this was no exception) I'm the shade N115 and I did well as its perfecto for me colour wise! Winner! :D

Finally I decided to grab the make up kit which had deluxe sample sizes of the HD primer and powder, smoky extravagant mascara, aqua eye and lip liner plus a full size lipstick in red :D

All came in the cute case above which has a magnetic closure and a big mirror. I'll admit I haven't tried this yet as its been in my 'blog photo' pile *hides face* but I'm going to finally try these beauties and will tell you what I think :) 

How pretty is that red?! 

So that's my mini MUFE purchase. I paid less than £65 for this lot as Debenhams had a 10% off beauty deal on. Happy days, plus I used my beauty club card to get points so I'm practically saving money ;) haha.

Have you tried Make Up For Ever? If anyone's interested check them out here and have fun browsing!!

Much Love,

Bex x

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Summer Loving

Heyyy youuu guysssss,

Ok who got my goonies reference? Anyone? Haha

Despite what the title might tell you. This is a post about the heat and how it's bloody awful sweating buckets! 

I don't know if it's a fat thing or I'm just a sweaty gal but geez it's been a tough few days.

How women keep their make up on, I do not know! My face melted! This is with primers and setting sprays!

I'm rocking the au natural look now, as its too much bother when it's so humid. I went Trafford centre the other day and some sales girls were promoting the GHD straighteners. On asking if I'd like to get my mop of hair done (they clearly said hair, not mop I'm just being dramatic), I had to decline due to the fact my hair was stuck to my neck, poor girl was mortified when I said ' nope, this hair is just all sweat right now' whilst waving my arms around my head! Haha. Crazy alert! 

Anyway this post is random and probably a lot TMI. I mean girls don't sweat, we lightly perspire or glisten as my mum says! Haha. But I felt the need to express my disdain of this hot weather.  

Hopefully some extra poundage will be lost with this heat wave. Always a silver lining people! ;) 

Maybe once I'm at a comfortable size, I can rock a bikini with happy vibes in the heat :D lol

Regardless of if you love or hate this weather, don't forget sunscreen and plenty of water :) Stay safe peeps.

Much Love,

Bex x