Friday, 5 June 2015

Weight loss update!

Hey guys,

I can't believe I didn't post my monthly digits!! I'm a terrible blogger! haha.

Sooo life has been busy! Work, family and no consistency with the diet on my part. Anyway I got weighted on Monday 1st June and I lost nothing.

Let's take a moment to commiserate *cry me a river* haha

You're probably wondering why I'm not whining whilst I sob into a packet of chocolate hob nobs. The truth is I'm actually pleased to stay the same. I can count on one hand the healthy meals I've had during the month of May.

Sad to say but I'm being honest and admitting my faults. I'm not making excuses. I was greedy and I ate. Simple as, no hidden emotional trigger or suppressed memory.

I hate how nowadays you need a reason as to why you're fat. The simple fact is, I like food, unfortunately I like it too much and don't have a cut off switch.

Now I'm not saying I don't use food to hide away emotionally now but I didn't start out that way. It's only as I've got fatter that I personally felt the need to hide away.

One day I'll be able to answer this first! Right now, erm not so much.

Anyway moving on. It's my birthday on Sunday 7th June and I'll be 28! Once the celebrations are over with, I'm back on this journey with a vengeance! 

I'm planning meals, I'm scheduling my exercise and I'm basically going to stop dicking around. I want to look better this Christmas! 

Let's do this!!!

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Happy Birthday for Sunday! You are definitely excused from any diets for your birthday! It's mine at the end of the month, June is a cool month to be born in :-)

    1. Thanks lovely!! Happy Birthday for the end of June!! x

  2. Hi Bex!
    Happy birthday for Sunday - my b'day is 2 days after, on Tues 9th! Just wanted to wish you luck and support for your weight loss journey. Don't beat yourself up that you didn't lose anything this time - at least you didn't gain! Just try to pick yourself up and get back on that wagon (after your birthday, of course!)
    I run a health and fitness blog so check it out if you want and feel free to ask me any questions :-)
    Nic x

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I hope you had a fabulous birthday and I will defo check out your blog!! x


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