Monday, 1 June 2015

Shopping At Kiko Cosmetics

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I got an email (general, not blogger related) from Kiko Cosmetics saying that if you sign up for Kiko Rewards (a points system) you get 30% off for a limited time. Well I couldn't say no to that! Haha

I really like the smart lipsticks, so needed some more of those bad boys plus some new lip liner colours and i wanted to try a gloss, although I don't remember choosing orange but luckily it's sheer! ;)

I got three lip liners. A pale purple/lilac, a pink that looks pearlescent and a lovely coral which will go perfectly with my Givenchy coral lipstick :D

How beautiful are those!!! I'm in love with the strawberry pink shade, it's like a cute red. Random description I know but cute is what I think when I see it. Lol. The other shade is a beautiful pink toned purple that I'm digging right now (did I just type digging?) hehe

I also picked up some eye shiz. A few shadow sticks which have a lovely creamy texture, one in a charcoal black and a double ended one with a brown and teal/turquoise which is gorgeous!!! Look at the swatch! :D plus a powdered shadow in a lovely sage? forest? green shade! I wanted to try these before I bought loads. So far so good *thumbs up*

Finally I decided to try the BB cream, however even though I chose light which is the second shade out of four, it was way too dark and quite orange (I tried to show a swatch under the shadows above but I'm rubbish) so unfortunately I had to give this to a friend. It did seem like a nice formula on testing it on my hand.

So this was my little shopping spree. I love the packaging of Kiko, the eyeshadow has a cool push button clasp, the lipsticks give a satisfying click and the lipgloss actually reminds me of urban decay. That sleek packaging with the gunmetal lid :D 

What do think? Have you tried this brand? I know they have stores dotted around the UK (still waiting for Manchester though!) but I used the website sooo enjoy! :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. Kiko cosmetics,I have heard so much about it, But never got a chance to try them out. All the product you got looks to good to try out. thanks for sharing them
    ❁ ❊ Kanwalikram's B ❊ ❁

    1. You should definitely try Kiko! It's amazing! :) x


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