Monday, 29 June 2015

Let's Take A Moment

Hi guys,

So you may have noticed that I've not posted much last week (or not) haha.

Anyway last week was crazy and to be honest I had a flamingo moment (hiding my head) lol

First off I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things with my diet and exercise. Not going to lie the overindulgence lately, especially on my birthday, caused me to gain weight and get major sugar withdrawal. 

I've actually tweaked my plan and right now I'm doing a high protein diet. Still getting carbs like sweet potatoes but focusing mostly on meat and loads of veggies. Simple foods that leave me feeling full and it's not quantum physics working out my ratios.

Secondly I had to replace my phone (iPhone) and like a good girl I backed everything to iTunes only I used my new laptop. Then when I went to restore my new phone, said new laptop wiped all my details and saved the original settings on the phone instead!! 

I lost all my photos, contacts, videos. Everything! So I though to myself just use the old laptop (it's super slow) but at least my details were on there. Unfortunately something went wrong in internet land and my phone just died!

I had to go back to Apple to get them to correct it as neither laptop would reset this mess of technical drama. Luckily Apple did get it back up and I managed to restore my phone on the old laptop.

But this wasn't up to date and I lost about 6 posts worth of photos!! Beauty boxes that I've since used or stored elsewhere, birthday gifts I've opened fully and make up that now has no packaging and is used!! Not to mention I spent ages setting up my stuff for photos and getting the best lighting! :(

Then to really top off an awesome week, I'm suffering majority with my hormones! Like curl up in a ball and cry for weeks. So this is why I'm currently post less. I have ideas but I was too busy wallowing in self pity. Lol

You'll be pleased to know, that my sulky self has disappeared (until next month lol) and I'm going to get back into the groove. 

Moan over and I hope to share my new goodies with you all soon :)

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. What a spate of bad luck!
    I had that kind of day last week. Nothing went right. Glad you picked yourself up and are feeling better.


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