Monday, 15 June 2015

Bye Bye Birchbox

Hey guys,

So it's a sad day in the world of bubblybex. I bid farewell to my Birchbox subscription *cue violins playing whilst it pours down with rain* haha

Anyway dramatics aside, June's box was so bloody boring! Don't get me wrong I loved the box design I chose but I figured a beauty box should be about the samples, not if the container looks pretty.

Out of the three designs, I went with the French theme. Think navy and white stripes with the pop of red. Beautiful.

I like how you got a matching bag which is perfect for flat shoes or whatever you want to store in it ;)

So what did I get you ask? 

Beauty Protector Spray

Add to damp hair to detangle, protect, minimise frizz and add shine. The usual shiz that hair sprays offer. Not saying it's a bad product, it's just something I've had from Birchbox before, which is kind of annoying to receive again.

Cowshed body lotion

Nice packaging and smells lovely, good size sample. I have my favourite lotions and potions so I gave this to a friend.

Pixi by Petra lip balm

Nice tinted lip balm. I got ripe raspberry which adds a lovely pink to the lips. Feels nice on, not sure I'd pay £8 for it though. Especially as Carmex or Burts Bees do fab lip balms for way cheaper.

Penhaligon's Iris Prima perfume

This is a nice perfume, it's a deeper, stronger scent. Not my cup of tea as I'm more light floral/fruity think Marc Jacobs Daisy or Versace Bright Crystal but my mum loves it.

STYLondon temporary tattoos

Now I know it's festival season and these are the newest trend to add sparkle or whatever to an outfit but I've got to be honest and say 'are we 12 again?' 
It just seems childish to me and I'd rather paint a butterfly on my face if I'm going to embrace my inner child.

Ren Beauty Shot

Quite a pricy product if buying full size at £36.
I'm guessing it's a serum type product so will be interesting to test this out :)

So that concludes this months Birchbox and my final box. Who know? I may restart again in the future if I see better products.

I can't say the samples are totally awful as you do get a few nice things to try but I've noticed it's a lot of the same beauty stuff and I've realised I want a make up box rather than beauty. Only so many hair serums or body lotions a girl can use. Lol.

What do you think? Would you stick with it or cancel?

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. I love the box design. What other boxes do you subscribe to?

    1. Design was good, just shame about the content. I've got Glossybox as well but my favourite beauty box has got to be the ones by Latest In Beauty :) x

  2. Ohh you seem like a lover of beauty box subscriber. I haven't tried any one yet, do suggest me some.
    I am reading yur blog, you have got some amazing post. keep it up.
    ❁ ❊ Kanwalikram's B ❊ ❁

    1. Thanks lovely! That means a lot :) x


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