Monday, 11 May 2015

Urban Decay Foundation Powder

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to share my new love! The name of this product is so long winded hence being lazy with the post title! Sorry *cheeky smile*

Ladies (and gents) I give you:

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation!

Long arse name aside, I've been wanting to talk about this product for ages! The main reason I've been putting this off? I'm worried I won't do this product justice! I don't have the fancy words to truely explain how fabulous this powder is.

Let's be honest, I'm not a make up artist, think of me as an enthusiastic novice who's always eager to try new things and experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's an epic fail! FYI bright pink sparkly eyeshadow with blue mascara was such a cool look! ;)

My go to powder has always been Rimmels stay matte. Cheep, cheerful and does the trick. I use translucent so I don't even have to worry about a colour match. Oh the simple life and then I use Sheercover in Buff as my mineral powder foundation of choice.

However my face game has changed and it's all thanks to Urban Decay! When I swatched this at the counter, I couldn't get over the texture. It feels like soft velvet and smooths over your skin so beautifully, I thought Angels would appear to serenade me! 

I had to have it! My shade is light neutral which is perfect for me. I'm a 2.0 in Urban Decay liquid foundation for reference.

I use this as a setting powder which gives my face that extra umpff. You can use this dry for a softer finish or wet for a more intense, flawless vibe. One point I will mention, it has a erm interesting smell but never fear my friends, that disburses once you've finished setting your face.

I use this over my liquid foundation. From Rimmel BB cream to Urban Decay liquid foundation BUT dab this on top of Estée Lauder double wear foundation and you have the perfect face!

I'm not even kidding right now. The effect was amazing. My skin looked flawless, blemishes perfectly covered, dark circles a distant memory and my large pores were hidden behind this veil of make up sorcery! *holds up hands to the beauty Gods*

On lasting power? I have combination skin with dry/flakey patches. My nose is the worst! Literally most products slide off due to excess oil. Now depending on primer used or what liquid foundation I wear, then this powder can last ages.

Towards the end of a long/busy day I do get shiny in the T-zone area but not 'omg look at my face' type drama. Haha. I must admit this seems to play better with more high end foundations but that could be because they leave a decent finish anyway. 

Overall I love this product. I will admit that it's pricey. At £26 this isn't your drug store favourite but if you want to splurge on a powder foundation that will give your skin that airbrushed look whilst being super lightweight, then this is the gem for you!

Plus how sleek is the packaging? The cute purple pouch holds the edgy burnt steel case with the UD imprint and a push button clasp. On point Urban Decay *fist bump*

You can buy this from most department stores like Debenhams and Selfridges or the Urban Decay website 

Have you tried this powder? What did you think? 

Much Love,

Bex x


  1. This looks wonderful :) I love using pressed powders

    1. It's a really great powder and adds that extra umpf to your make up :D x

  2. Wahoo, currently I own eyeshadow pallet from UD, they are too good, I loved, this foundation also did wonders for you. Would get it soon, as I love to try different brands pressed powders.


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