Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tarte Tartelette Palette

Hey lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk about the tartelette palette by Tarte Cosmetics. Those of you who follow beauty blogs or watch beauty you tubers will be familiar with this little bundle of loveliness.

First off can we just appreciate the gorgeous purple packaging! Whilst I prefer silver to gold, the purple won me over (I'm slightly obsessed with purple lol) I mean Cadbury's anyone? ;p

The tartelette palette is an all matte set with 12 brand new shades, all infused with Tarte's signature Amazonian clay sorcery :D
From neutral browns to deep purple this set is my ideal eyeshadow kit!

Lovely big mirror included which is always a bonus, especially if you take it with you on your travels :D 

I'm must say I'm loving the quality of this set. The shadows are lovely to use and blend well. Not quite a buttery texture but not powdery either, although I do get fallout if im heavy handed but that's because I'm a beast ;) haha.

I also like how tarte set the palette up. Each of the four rows represent a highlight, transition, lid and defining/liner shade. Whilst the 3 rows across give you the option of a warm brown smokey eye, a deep purple smokey eye (love) and finally a cool smokey eye.

However this is your face and your palette so mix and match those bad boys to make whatever eye look you want! Make up is fun, experiment and enjoy it. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes you look like a 6 year old playing with mummy's make up (erm not that I ever looked like that obviously haha) ;)

Longevity wise these shadows last great. With primer I went all day (8 hours I think) Being matte you don't need to worry as much, especially as I have oily/hooded lids so I didn't get shimmer stuck on my upper eye thingy (the bit that sags down) I'm sure there's a scientific term but eye thingy works for me! Haha ;D

I've had the tartelette palette for a few months and it's lovely. Perfect colours for me and being matte I can use this with my other shimmer shadows as transition shades alone if I don't want a totally matte eye. Come on! Every girl needs a bit of shimmer every now and then ;)

Now this was a pricey palette. I paid £44.99 on Amazon UK with free shipping. Is it worth it? Yes I think so. Can you get cheaper matte shadows? Yes again but with this palette you're buying quality shadows that last, the choice is up to you if you want to invest in this gorgeous set.

Want to check this beauty out? Click here :)

This is where I bought mine, as the place I usually buy Tarte in the UK is on QVC, yet they didn't have it available! :( 

Anyone tried the tartelette palette? What do you think? :) 

Much Love,

Bex x

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