Monday, 4 May 2015

Primark Goodies and Shrinking!

Hi guys,

I wanted to start off on a positive this week. I've had a few tough weeks here and there plus not fully focused on the weight loss resulting in only a 1lb lost for April ( what can I say? Life's celebrations tempted me *hides face*

Anyway to cheer me up, I went to town with my mum. Nice cheeky coffee at Marks & Spencer's (FYI best coffee ever!!) and a browse round the shops.

Hit up primark to grab some stuff for my nieces (1&2 so clothing changes are needed when they come to grandma's) and I found some quirky tops that I simply had to buy! 

I am a massive Disney geek. I have a shelf with all my Disney movies and I randomly break out into song. Seriously when I worked at Blockbuster a collegue said I'm like my own Disney movie. Sing then carry on with work ;) haha

So clearly I needed these two tops! I am a princess and if anyone wants to talk Disney to me I'm all ears! :D

Then the pants. Olaf! Enough said. These are to chill out in at home so I don't need my PJ's pants on and I think they're awesome! I mean, it's Olaf!

Finally hands up to all despicable me and minion fans! *waves them around like a crazy person*

I loovvveeee this film and can't wait to watch minions! Soo when I saw this top, I needed it! I even had this as my Twitter profile picture at one point, so you know it's serious ;)

The best part about this mini shopping spree? I realised I've dropped sizes! In January I was wearing 24/26 top size and 22/24 pants. *cringing just writing that*

Now these beauts are all size 20!! Bit snug but I got them on fine! I'm sooo happy to see this! I mean sure it's not my end goal but to know I've dropped nearly 3 sizes makes me feel good!

More determination now to kick May's butt! Oh and these tops were only £6 each so not breaking the bank and the pants were £10. Great to chill out in at home :)

Much Love,

Bex x

Ps: probably should have ironed the tops before taking a pic but I'm lazy, so just deal with it peeps! Hahaha!


  1. Well done on dropping sizes! Love those tops, I also am a Disney fan and think we should all burst into random songs at various times of the day more often :-)

    1. Haha imagine a great big sing off ;)

      Thanks sweets x

  2. Congrats on the size drop lovely <3 I have the olaf pants and they are magical. Need that despicable me top though
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

    1. Cheers beautiful. I love the fluffy top ;) x


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